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Data: 12 Luty 2011
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O&O DiskImage Professional 5.5.126 (x86x64) + Rescue Disk + Workstation Server and Portable

O&O DiskImage Professional 5.5.126 (x86/x64) + Rescue Disk + Workstation Server and Portable | 741 MB

O&O DiskImage Pro - the program allows you to create images of entire hard drives and external hard drives or contained on these sections. Images obtained absolutely identical to the original, so it really can be used to restore the operating system rollback to a previous state of your computer and solving other similar problems.

To prevent unintentional loss of data, many companies create images of systems and hard drives of all their network computers, and store them on high-end servers. Nevertheless, many employees are working, using their own laptops. Creating images of data and systems on a regular basis, save from annoying accidents, and help you avoid downtime or time-consuming restorations!

Traditional backup systems ensure the safety of individual files and folders, but not able to recover your Windows PC operating system in the event of a serious crash. Produced by means of application O & O DiskImage hard disk image containing all the information necessary for the correct operation running, will help solve this problem. O & O DiskImage allows for recording images on a CD or DVD. Thanks to these capabilities, users can create multiple copies of data that can be easily transferred to another computer. In the process of backing up O & O DiskImage compresses the stored files, which ensures significant savings of disk space. For additional security, data encryption mechanisms can be used, including 128-bit and 256-bit algorithms AES, adopted as industry standards.

Images created with the program may be of several types. The first of these - "cast" of sectors to use user-specified sections. The main advantage to the fullest extent is to save disk space and reduce backup time. In this case, all significant (not remote at the time of image creation) information will be saved. The second option - an incremental image. Its essence is to record only the changes that have occurred since the last backup. This approach is very good in that case, when you need regular images. Thanks to him, not only reduces the volume of images and save time for their creation, but the user can access the different versions of the same files that are edited at different times.

When choosing a third type of images creates a full "cast" of a hard drive or separate partitions on a sector level. This option is suitable for copying discs formatted in non-standard file systems. In addition, full backup lets you restore previously deleted information not only with the original (which is not always convenient and appropriate), but also from off his image. And finally, the last available type of images is very similar to the previous one. However, it is created using high-speed low-level interface. This allows you to create images of encrypted and hidden files.

Version: 5.5.126
Developer: O&O Software
Bit depth: 32bit & 64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
System requirements:
OS: Windows Ž 7, Vista Ž, XP and 2000 Pro (32 Bit/64 Bit Support)
RAM: Minimum 1GB RAM recommended
HDD: 30 MB free hard disk space
Language: English
Medicine: Yes

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