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Data: 12 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Down to Earth (2001) DVDRip XViD

Down to Earth (2001) DVDRip XViD
Language: English
87 Min | 640 x 352 | XviD - 965Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 - 137Kbps | 696 MB
Genre: Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

It seems individuals are seeking to into heaven; at minimum those whose time expires. For Lance Barton, a struggling comedian and bicycle messenger, this is the final thing on his mind. His deadline upstairs is 50 years away. For the time being, he's got big dreams to pursue that is known, along the lines of landing a slot together with the final Amateur Night Contest together with the famed Apollo Theatre. Lance's has one little problem though - he ain't that funny. Because an over-cautious emissary from heaven, Mr. Keyes, he will get hit (literally) by having a much bigger problem. Showing that even God has difficulty finding good help right, the inept minion mistakenly plucks Lance on the traffic accident - before it entails place. Transporting him onto the Pearly Gates, or extra accurately, the velvet roped-lines to your hottest club around, the error is finally addressed by Mr. King, the streetwise, no-nonsense head angel who manages spot from his plush windowed office...

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Rock rolls
28 February 2001 | by Dan Franzen (dfranzen70) (Aid businesses) - See all my reviews
Chris Rock stars within this remake of Warren Beatty's Heaven Can Wait (itself a remake to your 1941 film Here Comes Mr. Jordan), a comedy in regards to a man who dies before his time, before he is able to realize his dreams, magnificent adventures on his new (albeit temporary) body. Contained in the Beatty version, the protagonist was really a backup quarterback for then-Los Angeles Rams. In Rock's hipper version, our lead character is a struggling young - and decidedly low-talent - standup comedian.

It is extremely funny in order to determine the razor-sharp Rock playing not a good comedian. It's a lot like seeing Tom Hanks play not a good actor. Lance Barton's dream need to play the legendary Apollo Theater around the non-amateur night. But each and every he tries out his material, he's booed have a scenic stage lustily - it's that his nickname becomes "Booie." His jokes are lame, his delivery painful. To be brief, Lance is all that the genuine Chris Rock isn't.

Lance can also be a bike messenger, and he's riding the streets on his procedure to you could try somewhat more material when BAM! He's hit through a truck. Ok, so maybe he was removed from his body a tenth associated with second early through a slightly incompetent angel (Eugene Levy), but hey, he would get hit anyway. No dice, it appears Lance isn't due in Heaven until 2044. What in order to do? Mr. King (Chazz Palminteri), the "manager" of Heaven, reluctantly agrees to locate a new body for not-quite-dead Mr. Barton. Trouble is, your physique they find is associated with greedy, old white man. Similar this fella (a Mr. Wellington) owns all types of things - he's the 15th richest man in the usa! What luck! Imagine how Lance will turn things around.

Essential, during the body to your affluent Mr. Wellington, Lance falls with regard to a gorgeous hospital worker (Regina King). We males comprehend how tough it will be to locate a female given our very own body, but try winning one over while you're an dumpy, old white guy! And it is more serious when she's not afraid of your hard-earned dollar.

That may be Rock's first shot a lead role, and within my opinion he performs admirably. There's still much of the standup comedian in him - and, naturally, if he ever must get diverse roles, he could will have to stop incorporating standup routines to your script - but there's nothing a legitimate bad thing. Rock's personality - his drive, his delivery, his demeanor, magnificent passion - are what fuel this film. He's clearly by having a whole lot of fun of the role, and this man seems bent on making sure that you own fun watching him.

Down to Earth (2001) DVDRip XViD

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