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Xcode v4 GM seed (MacOS X) 2011

Xcode v4 GM seed (MacOS X) 2011 | 3.73 GB

Xcode is a suite of tools for developing software on Mac OS X.Xcode 3.2, the latest major version available to the general population is bundled with Mac OS X v10.6, but is not installed by default.
The toolset can be installed from the Mac OS X instal/restore DVD, or it can be downloaded for free from Apples website. Xcode 3.2.5 comes bundled with iOS SDK 4.2.
Over its Developer center, Apple is informing those enrolled with the companys $99-a-year program that Xcode 4 GM seed is available for download.
Xcode 4 GM is a pre-release version of Xcode 4, a major new release of the developer toolset that serves both Mac and iOS developers.
This release requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) according to the Mac maker.
The build includes iOS SDK 4.2 and Mac OS X SDK 10.6, to develop apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Apple says on its Developer website.
Users are encouraged to review the release notes and readme before proceeding with the installation of the toolset.

According to a report by 9 to 5 Mac, Xcode 4 GM brings the following changes.
- Xcode 4 has a brand new, single window interface for all major workflows
- Interface Builder is now integrated within the main Xcode IDE
- Assistant shows a paired editor with complementary files (headers, UI controllers, etc.)
- Fix-it highlights code where an error is detected, as you type, and can even fix it for you
- Version editor shows a live comparison through SCM history, using Git or Subversion
- LLVM compiler 2.0 includes full support for C, Objective-C, and now C++
- LLDB debugger is faster, and uses less memory than the GDB debugging engine
- Instruments adds System Trace, and new iOS instruments including OpenGL ES.

Download Xcode v4 GM seed (MacOS X) 2011:

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