Data: 7 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

DiffVue | 32.47 MB

DiffVue | 32.47 MB

DiffVue is seen as a folder and file compare/differencing utility. This contains 7 main applications DiffVue, DiffFTP, DiffEditor, FullVue, DiffSearch, DiffVueUpdate and HexCompare and tend to be all Unicode applications.

You can consider DiffVue becoming a mini Windows Explorer, plus you can easlily display as high as two folders in 2 views. Although DiffEditor and FullVue may possibly launched from Windows, they've been tightly put together with DiffVue, and called from DiffVue.

- Does delete / copy / rename file(s) & folder(s) and undo the previous file operations.
- Supports full drag-n-drop to/from Windows Explorer.
- Compares two text files whether Unicode or ASCII, by launching DiffEditor.
- Synchronizes two folders.
- Creates 1 PDF file using existing file or folder.
- Shows the enhanced search tool including regular expression by launching DiffSearch.
- Displays the belongings in commonly document formats by launching FullVue.
- Displays two binary files in hexadecimal format by launching HexCompare.
- Provides collection of useful tools for resource files to take localization process simple.

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