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Data: 6 Luty 2011
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Fasttrack Schedule 10.0.1 Build 5000 | 53.5 MB

Fasttrack Schedule 10.0.1 Build 5000 | 53.5 MB

Your Windows project management software software for organizing, tracking, and reporting all of project goals. The ideal software for both new and experienced project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 assists you manage projects easily and effectively.

Latest features:

New Windows Interface with Custom Themes
The sleek new Ribbon interface, all tools are organized into task-focused groups right at your fingertips to speed your scheduling. Prefer an authentic menu-based interface? No hassle. Simply exchange signal of a past theme or add classic toolbars in your Ribbon to generate a workspace that will fit like you would work best.

Base Calendars and Work Calendars
Choose Base Calendars for example standard, A 24-hour cycle of, and night shift calendars, or customize the. Rather than Base Calendars and improved Work Calendars can be positively defined per task, which means your projects offers a vast variety of Work Calendars for your unique calendaring requirements.

Effort-Driven Scheduling
For tasks that may be completed faster by having more resources, use Effort-Driven Scheduling for simple schedule compression. Automatically adjust task durations as resources are added or subtracted, while keeping the sum of the enhance an action constant.

Assignment Contouring
Select eight built-in work contours or customize your trusty for a ultimate ease and flexibility in resource scheduling. Assignment contouring enables you to quickly re-distribute your resources' efforts about a part of those special cases and must-meet deadlines.

Work Usage Inspector
Now it's incredibly easy to evaluate resource workloads while making assignments while in the Schedule View. Rather than Work Usage Inspector displays Resource Usage Graphs during the base of the Gantt chart use a detailed snapshot of their resource's free and busy time, making it possible to make precise assignments and effectively manage resource costs.

Image Columns
With FastTrack Schedule's new Image Columns, you can pictures of task items, staff, resources, designs, progress photos, and better, straight to column cells. Images automatically scale as thumbnails to equal row heights and display as larger images the moment you hover them over.

New Bar Styles and Gradients
Make your schedules as impressive simply work interested in job. New bar styles, milestones, and gradients transform the same old boring schedule towards a presentation-quality project report that's bound to make an impact, particularly with clients and colleagues.

Starting to use Screen
Launch FastTrack Schedule and you’ll have access to all you should move on quickly including templates, your schedules, and web-based resources including video tutorials-all available as one central place.

Enhanced Resource Information Form
Now you can store much more details for your project’s resources. FastTrack Schedule’s redesigned Resource Information Form organizes work schedules, rates, contact information, and photos.

Fixed Duration Scheduling
For tasks which need a special interval to carry out, apply fixed duration. FastTrack Schedule will constrain the duration without regard for changes in your work or resources allotted to the work.

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