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Data: 5 Luty 2011
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WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 x86 (2011/ENG)

WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 x86 (2011/ENG) | 331 MB

This assembly is testing the RAM, CPU, memory, HDD.Soderzhit, utilities for working with drives, obrazami.Ustanovka, backup, recovery, tuning, moving OS to another PK.Sohranenie & data recovery. Backup Disks (fallen) system.

WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 includes:
DOS HDD Tools from - WinPe7-SysTools
List of programs:
1. VolkovCommander
2. MHDD 4.6
3. Victoria 3.52 Rus
4. HDAT2 4.8.1
5. HDDReg 1.71
6. NTFSRead
7. Active @ Partition Recovery v 3.0
8. Bootlace (MBR Code GRUB) hdd0 = 0x80, hdd1 = 0x81 ... i td
9. MBRWork 1.08 (MBR Code XP & 7)
10. Active @ PassChanger v.3.0 (0420)
11. Shutdown (PowerOff, Restart)
* * * *
FDisk - fixed support of hard disk high 137 GB
Format - patched
Drivers for IDE & Sata CDrom
* * * *
USB Mass Storage support drivers
SCSI Driver ADAPTEC, BusLogic, Lomega
Install Drivers for USB & SCSI in folder A: DRIVER

! to work with HDDTools in the BIOS to put the IDE mode

The list of programs / utilities:
Total Commander7.55 rus (without plug-ins, etc.)
Acronis Disk Director 10 (2161) ru - editing sections of the HDD
Acronis True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack (7046) ru - Backup Wizard partitions and disks
LLFTOOL - nizk.formatirovanie - Beware!
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Pro (9369) - a set of tools to work with HDD (!!! P2P - Prepare Windows for SET. To other equipment)
Ghost32 - backing up partitions and disks
Ghost Explorer - Image of the partitions and disks Ghost
Gimagex 2.0.17 rus - works with WIM, can make images 7/Vista/XP followed by reduction of (compresses more Acronisa, but longer)
Active @ DiskImage / Explorer - backup / viewing partitions and disks DiskImage
Active @ FileRecovery 7.5.2 - utility to restore deleted or corrupted data
R-Studio 5.0 ru - data recovery program (way to restore write by hand)
CHKDSKGUI - testing, treatment, discs
FCleaner - Disk Cleanup of file collector
Defraggler 1.21.209 - Defragmenter
Ultra ISO Premium Edition - VirtualDrive, Image / editing files
PowerLaserExpress - Record CD DVD (alternative, as Ultra ISO is not always writes CDs)
Imagine - Image Viewer
7-Zip 9.20 ru - archiver with high compression ratio
AIDA64 Extreme Edition (beta) 1.20.1158 - information about the hardware of the PC
CPU Stress Test - Test percent - !!!!! Carefully very warm Proc !!!!!
S & M v1 - 1.9.1 + - Test percent / Memory / HDD (with a connected card reader ACORP CRIP200-B hangs - disable App. Mgr. Drives card reader - approx)
HD Tune Pro 4.50 - tested performance and capacity HDD
HDSPEED1.4.0.42 - Speed test HDD (with a connected card reader ACORP CRIP200-B hangs - disable App. Mgr. Drives card reader - approx)
Driver Export PE v1.6.0.9 - Utility to create copies of the drivers of the system
Smart Driver Backup - tool for making copies of system drivers
BootBuilder (AEK) - graphical front-end console utility BCDEdit
BOOTICE - installation, configuration, backup the MBR or PBR and other
WindowsGate 1.1 - utility allows you to disable password checking
Restoring Windows 7 (x86)
OperaUsb Version 9.24 - Web browser for the Internet / Network
uTorrent 2.0.2 - BitTorrent client
Enable network card - network / Inet-if direct horseshoes, router, or know the ip-gateway-dns
Configure TCP / IP
Device Manager
Active @ InstallDriver
Game - Checkers

Also installed on the system:
HashTab 1.14 - displays the hashes MD5, SHA-1, CRC32
FileMenu Tools - configured to display the folder sizes
Unlocker - A utility for removing files and folders in the usual way to remove fails

2 assembly:

--- WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 - contains all the programs in wim

--- WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 M & F - from wim - only loaded system - then use the ribbons from the menu BS, run a search-start on all drives Fail STProgA STProgB with software from a folder *: ISO, picks STProgA - pre full versia, STProgA + STProgB - full versia, do not pick up - just BS reboot

for a successful boot from USB to Fail STProgA STProgB from an image M & F to place the root of the stick in the ISO folder orinstall the assembly by the first method

in M & F assembly in the Run menu, you can dial STProgA, STProgB or FULL = (STProgA + STProgB) (a Fail build M & F), from STProg1 to STProg9, STMin, STX (reserve) will be implemented search-launch these files on all drives in a folder * : ISO

All programs run on PCs with 256MB if their pre-extract from the archives, Paragon, and ATI is better to start from PEshell to save RAM
screened for EP-8rda3i, duron 1100 MHz, 256MB

in each assembly in the Run menu, type TC, ADD, ATI, MOUSE - runs the appropriate processes, Explorer> Xplorer2

MagicBootDiskv2.0 + Victoria .....
Active @ Password Changer Pro 3.8 (0109) - and without enough of a Doce and erd

updated to
AIDA64 Extreme Edition (beta) 1.20.1219
Paragon Hard Disk Manager ™ 9822 Virtual Server - newer smaller size of the archive - - runs 2min! ERD6.5 after loading PHDM DOES NOT WORK!
BOOTICE 0.8.2010.1228

DOS HDD Tools from - WinPe7-SysTools
BS Explorer
Tireal TFT Test
Find And Mount
Mouse Emulator 2.2
CurrProcess - Task Manager
SETPAGEFILE just in case
HDDScan32 (smart and infa on the screw - accumulated)
Compare - compare folders (AZJIO) (it is optionally possible to list Files and folders remove)
failik NTLDR - Standard
Fail boot.ini - Standard
BIOS error
updated download problems

How can I add my assembly program!
C using the boot loader Grub4dos start bootmgr, some utilities and commands, how to change the menu Grub4dos, and add the program in the internet a lot of information.
With the boot bootmgr is loaded into memory and runs the image wim.
The assembly is made out of the assembly itself (in experimental PC with XP (or) 7) to test the programs, building structures and changes in the registry.
Booting, make changes to an assembly that is on the drive x: - add, delete, modify the program (or set), while checking them for availability and if you want to track and store changes to the registry, remove any debris (logs, pace, unnecessary files, etc.) - to save space. Then edit the menu TC, if you want, and PE Shell (PEShell.ini). Gimagexom - extract the wim, ALL changes are that the x: repeat in the unpacked folder, registry changes add podgruzhennogo editing the registry hive, then remove the registry logs, or some registry changes, I add a startup (PE Shella). Rolls back from the unpacked folder in wim image, add to the iso, run what has turned out, tests are the conclusions of the jamb, you need to finish, etc.
Change the name of the wim file can be duplicated with changes in the boot bcd (with BootBuilder (AEK)).
Everything! something like this, just do not write, you can certainly still a lot to do, there is no limit to perfection.
All you need is in itself an assembly in the folder with the programs in the assembly is regshot.exe, as you can almost do everything, or the test in VMware ÂŽ Player3.1.2build-301548, and success.

MD5: 92928B86625B1543DF7A0428376FE234
SHA-1: EEE20892B1765796EB468B7C8E913825B6FDA751

MD5: 2E83C094E41C8C6FD4F047D75C8E7EBC
SHA-1: AC73C3B6D726E072617CA69566E793F8974FEC02

System requirements:
Version 4 - PC x86-32bit, 384mb of RAM, CD DVD drive, USB, HDD
Version 4 M & F - PC x86-32bit, Micro 256MB of RAM, Full of 384mb CD DVD drive, USB, HDD

Download WINPE7-SYSTOOLS v.4 x86 (2011/ENG):

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