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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 5 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 NVIDIA Edition 2010 x86/x64 En - REPACK

Windows 7 NVIDIA Edition 2010 x86/x64 En - REPACK | 4.1 GB


For Activation, Purchase a Genuine key directly from Microsoft. (See Extra Folder)

Minimum System Requirements:
1.) 1GB RAM (Recommended 2GB RAM for 64-Bit)
2.) 20 GB of HDD space (It's a BIG one folks! put it on at LEAST a 40GB drive or partition if you want any working room)
3.) 128 MB Graphics Memory (Capable to run Aero)
4.) 17 inch Monitor (1024 x 768)
6.) Pixel Shader 2.0
8.) Active Internet Connection (For Activation and Updates)

Multi - Core Processors with 64 Bit OS Capable
Note: Start a fresh installation from the BIOS and install it in a separate partition. **Format the selected drive for
installation before proceeding with the other steps**. Don't try to install Windows 7 NVIDIA in Non-supportive Motherboards.
Features,overview and updates of Windows SevenŽ NVIDIA Edition 2010:

* New Windows Sounds
* New High quality icons
* NVIDIA Tweaker from Rockers Team
* Improved Texture quality for NVIDIA cards
* Cleaner picture quality than normal view
* Reduced Gaming crashes
* Disabled Apply Colors At Startup
* Consumes low power
* All the latest updates are patched Manually.
* Resolved a Windows 7 Media Center issue for systems configured for ISDB broadcasts.
* Supports all future updates and packages
* Resolved some reliability issues in Windows 7
* Resolved compatibility issues
* Adobe Flash Player plug-in
* Black and blue Background Shells
* Codings and scripts are updated for Gaming level (This option is available only in Rockers Team Customized Windows and not
available in any other customized OS)
* More Stable and Reliable
* UAC Disabled
* Large Icons Control panel
* New Look for Windows Media Player
* New Shortcut Arrows
* Show extensions for known file types
* Enabled IE Phishing Filter
* User *** 2 on Control Panel
* Low Memory consumption
* Enabled Glass Effect without a supported card
* Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting
* Added command prompt to right click context menu
* Enabled additional Avalon effects
* Disabled Tool Tips
* Enabled ClearType Tuning
* Added 'Copy to Folder' , 'Move to Folder' and 'Open with Notepad' to right click context
* Disabled Windows Media Player AutoUpdates
* Menu bars and window frames opaque
* Enabled slow-motion window effects
* Added "Advanced System Properties" in my Computer
* Added Control Panel to my Computer
* Faster browsing with IE
* DEP execution is set to Default
* Disabled the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp
* Disabled kernel paging
* Both 32 and 64 Bit Integrated
* All the Latest Drivers Integrated
* 7-zip for extraction purposes.
* Adobe Flash Player plugin
* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
* Orbit Downloader
* Java Runtime Environment Update 17
* ImgBurn
* Added Group policy and Registry editor to control panel
* Updated DirectX to August 2009
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5
* Turned off system beeps
* Stopped caching negative responses
* Take Ownership, Device manager, Group policy, Registry Editor in the right click
* Fully Automated setup you need to choose language and prepared partition only.
* Patched uxtheme files to use 3rd party themes.
* Faster Shutdown (3 seconds services kill timeout.)
* Fast Booting Time
* Added User ***s 2 on ControlPanel.
* Power Off after shutdown
* New High quality Icons
* Changed command line text color to white
* Set mouse pointer speed to maximum
* Removed the annoying clicking sound
* Disabled automatic restart in the event of a blue screen
* Tweaked up shell response
* Hibernation is Disabled.
* Added "Advanced System Properties" in my Computer
* Added Control Panel to my Computer
* Added Administrative Tools to my Computer
* Added Internet Explorer to my Computer
* Added Network Connections to my Computer
* Added Search to my Computer
* Added Printers to my Computer
* Added Run and Windows Flip Switcher to my Computer
* Removed warning about showing hidden system folders
* Shutdown when you click power Button on start Menu
* Maximum simultaneous downloads for IE to 20 ( default is 2 )
* New look for Windows Media Center
* New Explorer View
* Allow renaming and removing of Recycle Bin
* Makes a right click option for unknown files
* Notepad saves window position
* Opens 16-bit apps in a separate memory space. This increases stability when dealing with 16-bit apps.
* Enabled Word wrap in Notepad
* Enabled Status Bar in all windows
* NVIDIA Drivers Added
* New Themes
* 255 Sidebar Gadgets
* Enabled search system folders in Search
* System Files are boosted up to maximum Performance
* Removed Old Default Graphics card drivers
* Faster Application load Time
* Improved the performance and reliability
* Disabled the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp
* Disabled kernel paging
* Windows Update service disabled
* Turned off system beeps
* Stopped caching negative responses
* Take Ownership, Device manager, Group policy, Registry Editor in the right click
* Specifies the time, following user input, during which the system keeps apps from moving into the foreground.
* No components removed

1.) Burn the .iso image at slowest speed possible
2.) Save this on external drive or flashdrive as you will need it after the install.
3.) Install Win 7 NVidia Edition..
4.) Apply Key or any other method of activation you want

Download Windows 7 NVIDIA Edition 2010 x86/x64 En - REPACK:

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