Data: 5 Luty 2011
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Supplied By : Cameron Hodge Release Date : Aug 18 1999
Cracked By : G-Rom/Beowulf & Beo JR Protection Type : Cdilla/CdChecks
# of Disks : 37 X 2.88

Game Type : RTS System Type : WIN9X/NT
Packed By : Cameron Hodge 3D Acceleration : Nope!

Requirements : 180 MB HDD, P166MMX, DIRECTX 6.1

Game Notes & Crack Information

By the group that brought you Command and Conquer: Red Alert in 1996,
and Red Alert: Aftermath in 1997, we are proud to provide to your the
long awaited Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

This video game really needs no introduction; practically gamer who doesnt know
about this title really doesnt deserve to be known as such.

Enjoy some other game-of-the-year title off your friends at RAZOR,
who have been providing Computer games of this calibre for consecutive
years since 1991!

Install Notes & Rip Information

Ripped: Movies. Music and Speech are there. There will be NO addons,
so download the ISO or buy the game if you're searching for the full thing!

Many included support for Westwood Online Internet play along with this
release BUT Westwood will quickly go the way of Blizzard etc and use
unique serial numbers for installs. You should have a valid Westwood
Username and password jam, and also HIGHLY advise against using WO until
in the event the actual release date from game. Since we are obviously unable
to test out Westwood Online support for the release date, we'll be
monitoring this option in the event the game is released to be able to if problems

Since Westwood has didn't include direct TCP/IP networking as
a multiplayer option, the recommended answer play Tiberian Sun over
the online world is via an IPX emulator for instance such as Kali (see; obviously Kali wont add support until after
your release date. =)

For now, carry on IPX network play, modem/serial play or just good ol
single player missions. "Lets go!" =)

To fit:

Unrar the files towards a directory that you picked:

rar x -v -y rzr-tsun.001 c:\tsun

Run REGSETUP.EXE to arrange your registry settings.
Choice info SUN.EXE jam.. its that easy.

Typical farmville has options for 640x480 and 800x600 .. we recommend
the greater resolution if you possibly could handle it. =)

Download (Filesonic)


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