Data: 4 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Beepa Fraps 3.2.7 Retail | 2.52 Mb

Beepa Fraps 3.2.7 Retail | 2.52 Mb

Fraps - a program produced to count which is FPS (frames per second) rrnside the applications running in OpenGL and Direct3D. The utility has the ability to take screenshots and record video with this image on screen. This can be a universal Windows application that can appeal to all games using DirectX technology or OpenGL. Manage the course fail to exit the game play, with the aid of hot keys. First of all, in advance, double check that the keyboard shortcuts Fraps does not coincide with this keys use within the game play. With Fraps can capture the most impressive moments not just in are single frames, playing with motion with sound. Users could see the stats inside the parameter frames per second, recorded it at a file, or display the counter a single corner inside the screen. Your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped.

Basic Fraps:
• Testirovanie performance - displays which is frames per second (FPS), can measure the performance concerned with the two points with the game;
• A tool for capturing images - aids you to capture only one frame in 3D applications (by pressing a hot key), which you'll find automatically input into the selected folder;
• Capture video instantly - helps to record video at resolutions a lot 1152x864 and 100 frames per second.

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