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Data: 4 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Nitro PDF Professional (x64 - x86) / 44MB

Nitro PDF Professional (x64 - x86) / 44MB

Nitro PDF Professional is often a high-quality, cost-effective PDF development and editing software that puts the complete power of PDF inside everyones achieve. Moreover to delivering the basics amazing, robust PDF development at an very cost-effective value Nitro PDF Professional contains the complete selection of top-shelf PDF performance, opening up new vistas for existing and new customers of PDF. Nitro PDF Professional, the total Adobe Acrobat alternative, enables you to complete a great deal more with PDF by way of amazing tools to create, convert, edit, mix, secure, annotate, form-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files. Recipient of numerous very best product awards, Nitro Pro is particularly designed for that organization person and can make operating with PDF quicker and less difficult than ever before before! Nitro PDF Professional is constructed in the ground up since the best PDF product for organization and enterprise, combining an very aggressive value with a no-compromises characteristic set that offers customers the power to prepare, edit, secure and create PDF.

Generate, watch & edit all of your PDF documents and gain complete control over your PDFs with just the one software. Generate PDF from Microsoft Office with one click and easily convert a great deal more than 200 file types to PDF. Copy, edit, and insert text, graphics and whole pages. Add automatic page numbering, date- and time-stamps. Add navigational aids like bookmarks and hyperlinks. For organization customers, Nitro lets you: markup and review documents using sticky notes, highlighting, and comments. Configure security settings, and control others ability to print, edit, and/or copy your work.

Generate PDF
Generate PDF and PDF/A files from virtually any Windows software, with complete control over PDF output options. Providing one-click conversion for a lot of commonly-used file types (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and a great deal more), Nitro PDF Professional simplifies the PDF development process. All PDF files produced with Nitro PDF Professional are 100% compatible with other PDF viewing applications including Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

Edit PDF
Edit PDF content, no matter what it is. From correcting minor typos and updating or removing text, to advanced image editing tasks such as inserting, replacing, cropping, resizing and downsampling, Nitro PDF Professional can make it easy for making last-minute edits. Generate consistency throughout your documents by inserting headers, footers, watermarks, page numbering and a great deal more. Edit document properties and optimize PDF for distribution, creating polished, recipient-ready PDF files.

Convert PDF
Easily convert PDF to Word and PDF to RTF with industry-leading accuracy, enabling quick content reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and a great deal more. Extract text and images from PDF files in a single click, for trouble-free repurposing in other programs. Copy entire blocks of text or take snapshots of PDF pages for quick pasting into another document.

Review & annotate PDF
Streamline processes and eliminate paper waste by way of electronic document review. Use Nitro PDF Professionals intuitive commenting tools to add notes, text feedback, drawing markups and a great deal more. Reply to feedback from others, or watch, consolidate, organize and summarize reviewer comments, all from a single location. Efficiently collaborate and share your comments with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader customers.

PDF forms
Generate PDF forms immediately and easily using a robust set of type design and editing tools. In just a few clicks, turn static PDF documents into professional-looking PDF forms containing text fields, buttons, checkboxes, javascript and a great deal more. Fill in, submit, print and save PDF forms, all without breaking the bank.

Safe PDF
Control how many people watch and use your sensitive and confidential information by way of robust PDF encryption. Use passwords and digital certificates to restrict who can open files and perform other tasks such as printing, editing, copying and type filling. Use digital signatures and certification to ensure document integrity and prevent content tampering.

Assemble & mix PDF
Put together documents, spreadsheets, presentations and a great deal more into a single, polished PDF file. Nitro Pros amazing editing tools enable you to reorder, delete, insert, extract, replace, split, and rotate pages, delivering you precise control over your entire document while guaranteeing your information is presented exactly as intended.

Release description
A major new version release, Nitro PDF Professional 6.0 comprises quite a few brand-new features, significant functionality enhancements and characteristic extensions, and important bug fixes.

New features
Convert PDF for reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, and a great deal more with the most accurate, industry-leading PDF conversion technology. Generate highly-editable files that retain page layouts, operating tables, correctly justified paragraphs, drawing shapes, and a great deal more.
Generate PDF files up to 50% quicker
Summarize comments for paper-based viewing
PDF/A compliance support
Document management system (DMS) integration support
Grid and Snap-to-Grid tools
Total control over the PDF development process
Major person interface improvements, including a new, easy-to-access Navigation pane, a Comments List panel for operating with a great deal more detailed comments, and a dedicated Text Editing context ribbon for inserting and updating text.
Major improvements to the underlying PDF library for quicker processing of all files.

New features
Support for all 64-bit versions of Windows.
A replace text commenting tool.
Support for Show/hide field action.
Total support of Unicode fonts (in all areas of the software) including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Integration with Lotus Notes.
Streamlined deployment for enterprise potential customers.

Installation Notes:
1. Install Program and Enter Fake Name / Email during Installation.
2. Choose to Manually Activate the Program.

How to activate your license (manually)
1. Open Nitro PDF Professional
2. On the Help ribbon, inside the Item group, click About
3. Click Activate
4. Click Activate manually by way of a web browser
5. Copy of the installation ID
6. Run Keygen as Adminstrator
7. Enter Install ID
8. Click on Create
9.Copy the newly generated activation certificate.
10. On the Activate Manually dialog, paste inside the activation code to the Certificate Box and click Activate to total the process.
Enjoy !!!

Download (Hotfile)

Download (Filesonic)


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