Data: 4 Luty 2011
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Cheetah DVD Burner 2.55 Portable

Burn audio, data, and ISO files Fast! The Cheetah DVD Burner provides an easy to use interface for burning audio and data CD's and DVD's. Cheetah DVD Burner also includes the ability to burn and make ISO files. In addition the Cheetah DVD Burner will burn DVD+R/W, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, and DVD-RAM DVD formats. Cheetah DVD Burner has enhanced features include shortcuts to your favorite folders and different file view settings like thumbnails for viewing photos.

ˇ Burn DVD+R/W, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, DVD-RAM disc''s
ˇ Burn CDR and CDR/W disc's
ˇ Burn Audio CD's - that can be played in your Car or Home Stereo. (MP3, WMA,WAV, and OGG )
ˇ You can also burn .OGG and .WMA by using our free Audio CD Converter on our Site.
ˇ Burn Data CD's or DVD's - which can be just about anything on your computer.
ˇ Burn ISO images - a popular format for storing the contents of a Hard Drive or CD.
ˇ Create ISO images
ˇ Erase DVD+R/W and CDR/W discs
ˇ Burn Video CDs (VCDs and SVCDs) - that can be played in your home DVD player.
ˇ Create a Slide Show - with your JPEG files that can be played in your home DVD player.
ˇ You can extract (Rip) audio from music CDs with the built in CD Ripper
ˇ You can Retrieve album information about an audio CD using the Free DB service
ˇ Copy Data CDs on a computer with one or multiple CD Writers
ˇ Copy an Audio CD on a computer with one or multiple CD Writers
ˇ Auto-Verify Data, after the burn perform a binary compare with the source files.
ˇ And this baby is Lean and Fast!

Size (RAR): 17.4 Mb
2% recovery record

Download Cheetah DVD Burner 2.55 Portable

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