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IncrediMail 2 Plus 6.26 Build 4870 | 15.96 MB

IncrediMail 2 Plus 6.26 Build 4870 | 15.96 MB

The IncrediMail Team is enthusiastic to introduce you to IncrediMail two. Weve been working difficult to make the IncrediMail you know and adore even far better. With new enhancements like a brand new design, effective e-mail search, enhanced balance and key upgrades to performance and velocity, IncrediMail two helps make your e-mail knowledge extra productive even while youre having fun.

Greater, Smarter, Simpler

*New & Improved Design
IncrediMail two introduces a far better, extra attractive and user-friendly design. We made the key application windows less difficult to use by enlarging the buttons, and reorganized the menus so that extra relevant options are easily accessible. Mail folders can now be customized to your color of choice. The e-mail list window and preview pane now feature a brand new design that helps make browsing through your e-mail less difficult and extra productive. Plus, for your convenience, a direct button to the Gallery was added to the key taskbar.
IncrediMail two introduces FastSearch. Searching through your e-mail is now faster and extra effective than ever before. Search results are shown as quickly as you type - It takes less than a second for IncrediMail two to search through 10,000s of emails. Also, the terms you are searching for are conveniently highlighted. Advanced search has been upgraded with snappier performance, and is now a extra effective tool than before. FastSearch also includes Search Filters, a brand new tool allowing you to filter emails and attachments including Images, Videos, Word documents, Power Point documents, and many extra file types.
*Address Book and Contact Handling
The new Address Book is one of the most effective features now available with IncrediMail two. The IncrediMail two Address Book lets you create contact groups in new convenient ways, lets you see who your most popular contacts are, allows you to assign a picture for each of your contacts, and also allows you to assign a special picture to each group. The new Address Book is so smart, that it can even recommend contacts and groups according to your usage patterns Try it out and see for yourself!
Tired of clicking on each e-mail to find out what attachments it contains* A preview of the attachments may be seen by rolling over the attachment icons in the e-mail list window. In addition, the e-mail preview pane includes a designated area for attachment previews, providing a quick glance of the attachment file type you received, may it be a photo, video, Word document, or any other file. Plus, an attachment can be quickly saved to the desktop at a click of a button, directly from the attachment preview pane.

Enjoyable two.0
*Personal Display Pictures
The new Display Picture feature lets you assign a personal picture to your e-mail contacts. You can select from 100s of ready-made pictures or select any picture from your computer. You can also assign your own personal Display Picture to be displayed in your outgoing emails, making your sent messages personal and fun. Coming soon IncrediMail two will allow you to connect to your favorite social networks, and download pictures to be used as Display Pictures for your contacts and e-mail messages.
*Personal Contact Icon
Making your contacts stand out in your e-mail lists is now possible by selecting a unique icon for your favorite contacts. You can select from a wide variety of icons such as pets, characters, emoticons, color icons, and even YouTube and Facebook logos. Assigning a contact icon will make that contacts emails less difficult to find, and your e-mail knowledge extra productive and fun.
*Animations & Effects
Basic e-mail functions such as deleting emails, adding a brand new contact, text editing and extra, are now enhanced with animated effects that make everyday e-mail functions fun and exciting. Animations are optional and can be turned off if you wish.
*New Skins
IncrediMail two Skins have a slick fresh look. Just see for yourself.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE for IncrediMail Xe users:
Skins that are compatible with IncrediMail Xe are NOT compatible with IncrediMail two. This is due to significant user-interface changes that were required in the development of IncrediMail two. IncrediMail Xe Premium users that will upgrade from IncrediMail Xe to IncrediMail two will lose access to all previous Skins. Our Creative Team is working difficult to transform older Skins into the new IncrediMail two Skin format, and also creating new even extra exciting Skins to be downloaded from our Online Gallery.
For any assistance or questions regarding this issue, please contact our technical support by clicking here.
*Status Window Display Options
The Status Window can now be customized to your liking. Select from 4 different types of clocks: Digital 12-hour clock, Digital 24-hour clock, Analog clock, and Calendar clock. Many extra clock types and new gadgets will become available in the upcoming months. For example: a Weather Forecast Status Window!

Blazing Fast & Stable
*IncrediMail two is quite a bit Faster!
In IncrediMail two, much emphasis was placed on velocity and performance. The Development Team worked additional difficult to enhance performance, velocity up loading time, improve e-mail handling, and make the entire e-mail knowledge extra practical and stable.
*Better handling of folders with large amounts of emails
Those familiar with IncrediMail Xe may recall that it normally takes 2-3 seconds to load folders containing 1000s of emails. IncrediMail two puts an end to this delay, by introducing the fastest loading time possible. It now takes less than a second to load a folder filled with 20,000 emails!
*Overall Faster Loading Time
IncrediMail two does not freeze, hiccup or stall just when you need to use it. Click the IncrediMail two icon in the system tray, and it will immediately open up and be ready to service you.
*Faster Send/Receive Process
Weve reduced the time it takes to send and receive emails in IncrediMail two compared to IncrediMail Xe. IncrediMail two now downloads your emails faster than ever before!

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