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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 3 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.3.4 (Mac OS X) 2011

Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.3.4 (Mac OS X) 2011 | 1.25 GB

Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Professional software is the advanced way for business professionals to create, combine, control, and deliver more secure, high-quality Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution, collaboration, and data collection. Assemble electronic or paper files - even Web sites, engineering drawings, and e-mail - into reliable PDF documents that are easy to share with others using free Adobe Reader® software. Manage document reviews, synthesizing feedback from multiple reviewers while preserving document format and integrity. Extend commenting capabilities to anyone using Adobe Reader. Windows users can design intelligent Adobe PDF forms that include business logic, such as calculations and data validations, to help increase the accuracy of data collection while reducing the costs of manual data entry.
Ideal for business and creative professionals. Use Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Pro software to:
• Deliver professional documents. Use templates to unify a wide range of content in compelling PDF Portfolios. Apply permissions and passwords to help protect sensitive information.
• Manage document reviews. Gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable partiCENZURAnts to see and build on other reviewers' comments.
• Create and manage forms. Build dynamic forms, distribute and track forms and responses, and easily export data for analysis and reporting.

Top reasons to buy Acrobat 9 Pro:

• Unify a wide range of content in a PDF Portfolio
Combine documents, drawings, e-mail, and spreadsheets in a single compressed PDF Portfolio. Use professionally designed templates that can be branded with your logo and include descriptions to guide recipients through the contents.
• Help protect your documents
Use passwords to help control access to PDF documents. Use permissions to restrict printing, copying, or altering. Save passwords and permissions as security policies that can be easily applied to new PDF files.
• Easily create and manage electronic forms
Convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents or scanned paper to PDF forms with automatic recognition of fillable fields. Use Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer software — a professional form design tool — to create, customize, and automate dynamic XML forms. Use the Form Tracker to see when forms have been completed and who has completed them. Easily export data to a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting.
• Manage and track electronic document reviews
Gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable partiCENZURAnts to see and build on other reviewers' comments, which can be sorted by author, date, or page. Use the Form Tracker to monitor progress and partiCENZURAtion.
• Include Adobe Reader users
Enable users of free Adobe Reader® software (version 8 or later) to digitally sign documents, partiCENZURAte in shared document reviews, and save forms locally. By extending Adobe Acrobat® functionality to Reader users, you can enable virtually anyone to partiCENZURAte in the workflows you initiate.
• Synchronize document views
Help colleagues, clients, and partners get on the same page at the same time with the ability to co-navigate documents. To provide clarity and enhance discussion, use services to enable collaboration on a PDF file. Then distribute the PDF file and walk recipients through it in real time by controlling the page view they see.
• Permanently remove sensitive information
Use redaction tools to black out sensitive text, illustrations, or other information, permanently deleting the content from the PDF document. Inspect PDF documents for metadata, hidden layers, and other concealed information to remove before distributing the files to others.
• Compare PDF documents
Automatically highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document, including text and images, so you can quickly and easily identify what has changed.
• Improve print processes
Help control costs and reduce errors with automated output controls to preview, preflight, correct, and prepare PDF files for high-end print production and digital publishing.
• Create and validate accessible PDF documents
Ensure your PDF documents are optimized for people with disabilities. Create accessible PDF documents from almost any source to help comply with standards. Quickly evaluate, correct, and automatically tag PDF documents for optimized accessibility and reflow.

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.3.4 (Mac OS X) 2011:

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