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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 3 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Universe at War: Earth Assault (2009/ENG/PC)

Universe at War: Earth Assault (2009/ENG/PC) | 4.27 GB

For many years, people are wondering whether they are alone in the universe. A set of hypotheses suggests the existence of other sentient beings, even more - denies. But if on the other planets have their own highly developed civilization, then who are they - the aliens? Wise mentors, people just want good, or the ruthless invaders, with their technology which all the other species? Earth, happened to be the arena in an intergalactic struggle, is on the brink of destruction. Chance to save the planet is getting smaller with each passing day. This is the beginning of the sci-fi strategy Universe at War: Earth Assault from the creators of Star Wars: Empire at War.

- An incredible strategic depth. Universe at War: Earth Assault combines the two modes. Collection, organization of armies and territories management occur at the strategic level and requires no hurry. But as soon as your troops cross the enemy abroad, begins rapid tactical party, the success of which depends on the ability to make quick decisions and be guided in a combat situation.
- Output is always there. Even the most difficult situations you can get out unscathed. For example, the numerical superiority of the enemy, it is appropriate to call in reinforcements, and if the force does not remain free, then do not be ashamed and to retreat from the battlefield.
- Full control over the situation. Each side can be completely transformed as the player chooses. Weapons and specialized troops easily changed right on the front lines, and wood technology adapts to current needs.
- Destructible environments. Nothing can stand in a hail of bullets, shells and rockets. Everything from the little house and ending with a huge metropolis, you can destroy, burn, turn to dust.
- Unique army. Forget about the ordinary-looking tanks and infantry to slow in the war of the future decide everything high tech and sizes. Some robots are so huge that the usual technique in comparison with them would seem a toy.
- Star heroes. Every army has its outstanding military leader. He has the abilities and skills that are not available opponents.
- Easy management. The interface provides the most detailed information on the situation at the front. In this case, it does not clutter the screen, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting battles in all their glory.
- Fight with each other. Universe at War: Earth Assault has several new genre for the collective modes of play.

System requirements:
- Operating system Microsoft Ž Windows Ž XP / Vista
- Pentium 4 Ž (XP - 2000 MHz / Vista - 2200 MHz / multi-core) or equivalent AMD Ž Athlon
- 512 MB RAM - XP, 1 GB of RAM - Vista
- 6 GB of free disk space (disk compression is not supported)
- Mouse and keyboard are supported by Windows Ž XP / Vista
- DirectX Ž 9.0c

Download Universe at War: Earth Assault (2009/ENG/PC) :

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