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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 3 Luty 2011
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Prosoft Drive Genius v3.1 Mac OSX-UNION

Prosoft Drive Genius v3.1 Mac OSX-UNION | 825 MB

Drive Genius is an OS X utility designed to provide unsurpassed storage management. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Drive Genius is packed with powerful tools such as a drive optimizer, a comprehensive repair facility for analyzing, repairing and rebuilding volumes, plus excellent testing capabilities with media surface scanning, performance benchmarking and data integrity checking. It can be used to initialize drives, create and delete partitions, and erases them securely as per Department of Defense’s standard. Drive Genius can also hide partitions and duplicate volumes or drives swiftly.

Version 3.1:
The system startup volume can now be defragmented without the need of a DVD or alternate startup volume (”live” defrag).
DrivePulse™ verifies the preference files of the logged in user and the global preferences located on the startup volume.
DrivePulse™ displays visual error and warning status hints in its menu.
Up to one month of DrivePulse™ event history can be browsed.
Repartition offers the option to add HFSX volumes. UFS volume support has been removed as Apple is moving away from supporting UFS.
ExFAT volume support. (10.6.5+ only)
Drobo devices are officially not supported for most tools. Drobos are proprietary devices and due to the way they store and manipulate data on multiple physical drives, Drive Genius cannot safely manipulate that same data. It is the decision of Data Robotics, Inc to not share the technical information necessary to safely support Drobo devices.
Bug Fix: Possible spurious failures when defragging an 8TiB or larger volume.
Bug Fix: Missing fragmentation information in the Defrag overview for volumes that contain a very large number of files (such as Time Machine volumes).
Bug Fix: Stability improvements to DriveSlim™while searching and while slimming files.
Bug Fix: The DriveSlim™ Universal Binary slimming plan could spuriously fail.
Bug Fix: If DriveSlim™ found an application that matched multiple slimming plans and one of the plans was Universal Binary slimming, only the Universal Binary plan would be run on the application.

Release name: Prosoft.Drive.Genius.v3.1.MAC.OSX-UNION
Size: 825 MB

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