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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 v12.0 Extreme Edition x86x64

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 v12.0 Extreme Edition x86/x64 | 1,44 GB

Kit Intel ® Parallel Studio XE combines advanced compilers, Intel C + + and Fortran, Library, means of verification error, security and profilers. This universal kit will help developers of high-performance computing solutions and enterprise applications to maximize performance, reliability and security applications.

Year: 2010
Version: 2011 (12.0)
Developer: Intel Corporation
Platform: PC WIN32 WIN64
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Size: 1.44 GB

Product includes:
- Intel ® Composer XE 2011;
- Intel ® C + + Compiler XE;
- Intel ® Visual Fortran Compiler XE;
- Intel ® Math Kernel Library;
- Intel ® Integrated Performance Primitives;
- Intel ® Threading Building Blocks;
- Intel ® Parallel Debugger Extension;
- Intel ® VTune ™ Amplifier XE 2011;
- Intel ® Inspector XE 2011.

Intel ® Parallel Studio XE 2011 and Intel ® C + + Studio XE 2011 combine design tools, ensuring exceptional application performance and reliability of the code for the latest generation of multicore processors. As a means of Intel ® Parallel Studio XE combined advanced compilers Intel C / C + + and Fortran; Library optimize performance and parallelism, means of verification errors, improving reliability code and create performance profiles. This kit helps improve application performance and improve the quality, safety and security package for high performance computing and enterprise applications.

In this kit simplifies the purchase of the necessary funds optimize performance and simplify the transition to support processors with more cores. Intel ® C + + Studio XE includes the same set of tools without a Fortran compiler for developers, who need only a compiler C + +.

In the Intel ® Parallel Studio XE includes three new versions of advanced solutions:
Intel ® Composer XE 2011;
Optimizing compilers and libraries optimize performance;
Intel ® Inspector XE 2011;
Powerful tool for error-checking memory and multithreading;
Intel ® VTune ™ Amplifier XE;
Improved performance profiler.

New in Intel ® Parallel Studio XE 2011:
Compiler and libraries:
- Includes a new generation of compilers C / C + + and Fortran (version 12.0) and performance libraries and parallelism, Intel ® Math Kernel Library (Intel ® MKL) 10.3, Intel ® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel ® IPP) 7.0 and Intel ® Threading Building Blocks ( Intel ® TBB) 3.0.
- The newest compiler Intel ® C / C + + (Intel ® C + + Compiler XE 12.0) optimizes the code to work on the newest processors based on Intel ® architecture codenamed Sandy Bridge, with support for Intel ® AVX.
Includes static security analysis (SSA). Performed by the compiler Intel ® C + + and Intel ® Fortran analysis of SSA helps to identify bugs and security vulnerabilities through a careful analysis of the source code.
Please read Guidelines for the static analysis of safety.
- The kit includes the components of Intel ® Parallel Building Blocks (Intel ® PBB), including advanced features a combination of task-level parallelism, vector and data applications to better identify opportunities to optimize code for multicore processors. Includes technology Intel ® Cilk ™ Plus, Intel ® Threading Building Blocks (Intel ® TBB) and Intel ® Array Building Blocks (Intel ® ArBB) (beta version, available separately).
- Additional features include support for vector optimization with the Intel ® AVX pragmas SIMD and aid in the automatic implementation of parallelism in order to achieve maximum performance on processors based on the IA of the last generation.
- Complete Compiler Intel ® Fortran Compiler XE 12.0 also includes various enhancements that provide more complete support for Fortran 2003 and partial support for standards Fortran 2008, including Co-Array Fortran, vector optimization with AVX and aid in the automatic implementation of parallelism to achieve maximum performance processors based on the IA of the last generation.
- Libraries of Intel opens a simple and convenient features for use in applications for high-performance systems are optimized and automatically converted into a parallel mathematical and scientific functions and data processing procedures. Mathematical library Intel MKL 10.3 contains several improvements, including better support for Intel AVX, consolidated library statistics and enhanced support for C language for LAPACK. Library Data Intel IPP 7.0 includes improved tools for data compression and advanced codecs, and supports Intel AVX team and AES.

Checking errors using Intel ® Inspector XE:
- Allows you to detect out-of-the-way programming errors;
- Memory leaks and damage to the memory;
- Conflicts of data flows and interlocks;
- Supports the implementation of different models of threading, including the common threads, Intel ® Parallel Building Blocks and OpenMP;
- Works with standard assemblies and libraries.

Performance tuning using Intel ® VTune ™ Amplifier XE:
- Accurate and fast performance profiles;
- Hot spots (Statistical call tree);
- Sampling of the hardware events;
- Profiling flows;
- Visualization of flow operations on a temporary line;
- Well balanced workload;
- Easy setup;
- Specified performance profilers;
- Use proper assembly;
- Compatibility;
- The latest Intel and compatible processors;
- Compilers Intel, Microsoft and GCC;
- C / C + +, Fortran, Assembly.

Quickly find answers:
- An innovative analysis based on the staff;
- Filter external data;
- View results on a source / assembly;
- Multiplexing of events.

Installing the product:
* Run the installation, select Choose alternative activation, Use a license file.
* Specify the path to Unlock.

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