Data: 2 Luty 2011
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Versis Software Full Speed 3.6 | 9.1 MB
Versis Software Full Speed 3.6 | 9.1 MB

"Full Speed is guaranteed to enhance your machines performance on the Net." Full Speed software could be the most effective World-wide-web Speed Booster and World-wide-web Speed Test software out there...

What does Full Speed Software Basically Deliver?
1. 1 click and youre done World-wide-web Speed Booster. With 1 click Full Speed software will optimize and safely boost Windows, World-wide-web Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for a guaranteed faster World-wide-web expertise.
2. Superb Net browsing and Data speed tests and 3rd party independent speed tests. See improvements immediately.
3. Undo alternative to go back to original settings; for those who actually wish to!
4. Print and/or save to file test results for before and right after speed comparisons.
5. Pro Booster button.
6. Once the Enhance is applied it lasts forever, no will need to re-apply.
7. Quite very easy to recognize and use and nothing to learn or read.
8. No technical expertise needed, no concerns, no contracts, no memberships, no subscriptions, no ads, no spy-ware, no viruses...

Instantly Get:
1. Overall faster World-wide-web connection speed
2. Faster download speeds
3. Faster web webpage browsing
4. Increase World-wide-web and Intranet performance
5. Quicker download times
6. Smoother streaming music and movies
7. Faster download for songs and video
8. Faster performance with e-mail
9. Faster loading Net graphics
10. Faster loading Net pages
11. Faster World-wide-web Explorer
12. Speed test for Net webpage browsing
13. Speed test for basic information transfer
14. Works for corporations or house users
15. Improved VPN and WAN performance
16. Increased peak download speed
17. Far more consistent information transfer
18. Better information flow efficiency
19. Fewer corrupt downloads
20. Works more than networks
21. Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
22. Works more than wireless
23. Smoother surfing

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