Data: 2 Luty 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

CubeDesktop Pro 1.4.0 + SkyBoxes | 26.00 MB
CubeDesktop Pro 1.4.0 + SkyBoxes | 26.00 MB

CubeDesktop Pro - is a three-dimensional desktop within a transparent cube for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista . CubeDesktop offers the opportunity to function with 6 desks, which could change between making use of the shortcuts, hot keys or rotating the cube. Each desktop can have its personal set of icons.You'll be able to drag windows between desktops, to create the guidelines below which the windows of certain programs will often be open on a offered desktop, observed inside the preview window of what's taking place on yet another desktop. CubeDesktop supports hot keys for switching between desktops, in addition to some additional results, in particular, transparency windows. The plan works in Windows Vista, in addition to in XP! The newest edition adds a brand new impact 3D Desktop Roll, new wallpaper and icon supervisor, added assistance for Windows keys in combination, keyboard shortcuts, enhanced stability.
Product Attributes:

- six RD
- Update on all sides, Cuba
- Independent icons and wallpaper for each desktop
- Convenient switching of your buttons inside the program tray
- Watch workspace by pointing towards the button numbers Wallpaper Tray
- Efeekty h2o (ripples)
- Plugin for fast switching between windows Window Exposer
- Capacity to drag and drop application windows between virtual desktops

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