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Data: 1 Luty 2011
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Microsoft Windows Se7en x64 SP1 (2011/ENG) Professional Acronis USB

Microsoft Windows Se7en x64 SP1 (2011/ENG) Professional Acronis USB | 3.4 GB

When creating an image of nothing is removed, the folder winsxs \ Backup cleared, winsxs compressed TEMP folder is moved to C: \, used original M $ image MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.7.ULTIMATE.RTM.WITH.SP1.X64.OEM.ENGLISH.DVD -WZT
On-disk image Sysprer untied and taken Akronisa, you can bet on usb hdd. Size after installation without the C: / pagefile.sys (swap file) 4.9 gig

1. Insert the disc
2. Boot from CD Acronis_win764SP1nik (rus), then Acronis True Image Home (Full version)
3. In the recovery menu, select "Disks".
4. Browse through the search for the downloaded image ready system.
5. In the recovery method, select the entire disk
6. In the manager's driver can select your own folders with drivers for your computer or after you install the OS install them all the usual manner
7. Select all parts for restoration
8. Specify the physical disk on which to stand your system (Attention! All data on this disk will be deleted)
9. Next, click on the Options button and select the check archive before restoration
10. Click the button to start (Proceed)
11. After the end of recovery restart Computer literacy and load already on your physical disk.
12. After loading the OS First, install the drivers for your computer and reboot the system can use

Changes to the registry
For most users routinely use graphical interface, open the Control Panel -> Power Options. There you can choose a power plan, and if necessary a more detailed settings by clicking Customize in the plan of power -> Change advanced power settings.
But the main instrument of power settings in the system is a console utility Powercfg. Powercfg has more features to configure system power than the default available in the GUI. For example, through it you can include parking cores to reduce power consumption in idle mode. But with all the rich opportunities to work in Powercfg complicated and uncomfortable than the desktop environment. the functional powercfg configuration of power was available in graphical, some changes in the registry

CRC32: 1619D0AB
MD5: 8F5B20E6A5503BD77806FB02AC5A0121
SHA-1: 7589E382C3CD8162F2C19B0DF7116A42211BABD4

Download Microsoft Windows Se7en x64 SP1 (2011/ENG) Professional Acronis USB:

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