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Data: 30 Styczeń 2011
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McAfee EPolicy Orchestrator V4.5 PATCH 3

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator v4.5 PATCH 3

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator? 4.5 can be the only enterprise-class, available program to centrally deal with protection for systems, networks, data, and compliance solutions. With end-to-end visibil ity and potent automations that slash incident response times, ePolicy Orchestrator significantly strengthens protection and drives decrease the retailing price of managing security.

* Strengthen protection
Integrate within and among endpoint, network, data, and compliance options to cut back protection gaps; built-in merchandise deployment features and automated coverage enforcement safe your surroundings quickly and preserve it secure
* Accelerate response times
Immediately completely grasp threats and countermeasures in context of your environment; respond to system to products occasions as they happen; update tens of an enormous amount of products in an hour or less, verified by automated reports
* Recognize retailing price efficiencies
Achieve retailing price efficiencies; seamless integrations and automation features streamline workflows to cut back redundant processes and increase personnel productivity; an enterprise-class structure scales for just about any dimension organization, substantially minimizing deployed servers
* improve agility
Future proof your protection structure to shield your team from threats of nowadays and tomorrow; real-time danger intelligence shipped away from your cloud proactively safeguards your infrastructure; available program facilitates quick adoption of protection innovations as new danger groups arise

* instant visibility
Orchestrate end-to-end protection by method of just one place of reference for enterprise-wide visibility; ePolicy Orchestrator leverages protection information from numerous factors throughout the enterprise, immediately surfacing concerns that generally need times to investigate if utilizing a siloed approach; identifies and prioritizes dangers in seconds, so your clubs can respond quickly and confidently
* Open, scalable architecture
Manage McAfee and third-party protection options using the industry’s available protection managing platform; ePolicy Orchestrator fits into your current IT infrastructure, supporting integrations with Micro gentle productive listing and plan managing options for example HP OpenView and BMC Remedy
* Personalized internet interface
D eploy protection products, arranged policies, place events, and remediate concerns enterprise-wide from the individual consumer interface; customize queries, dashboards, reports, workflows and things to optimize particular processes and job functions
* Actionable reports
Respond to threats additional quickly and accurately; actionable reporting permits one to think about instant actions straight from the report to hold out things on specific products or resolve issues
* Automated workflows
Boost efficiencies by automating actions required to preserve and safe a compliant infrastructure; integrate workflows with other systems, deploy protection products, push updates, schedule reviews to operate at any time
* Real-time danger detection
Detect unmanaged assets and take advantage of a assortment of coverage centered responses to rogue systems; ePO correlates danger analysis, vulnerability information and countermeasure recognition from McAfee Labs and factors throughout your protection infrastructure to provide instant danger assessment within your environment

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