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Rosetta Stone German v.3 Level 1-5 (Course 2007-2010)

Rosetta Stone German v.3 Level 1-5 (Course 2007-2010) | 3.38 GB

The newest version of the famous program for learning foreign languages, Rosetta Stone.
Rosetta Stone courses are a combination of images, text and sound. Level increases as the success of the student. The program offers opportunities to study vocabulary and grammar without Drill and translations, thanks to award-winning method Dynamic Immersion (dynamic immersion method). Many times the Rosetta Stone courses are recognized as among the best for the individual lessons.
The new version offers an expanded interface, new features, higher quality images than the previous version. Exercises on pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, listening, grammar, delay and give an excellent result.

Course Topics:

The Basics: nouns, Verbs, adjectives, numbers, questions, colors, clothing.
Friends and Family: Ages, family Relations, Household items, Introductions, landmarks, States, Descriptions.
School and work: Times of day, greetings, calendar terms, body parts, speaking, personal hygiene.
Shopping: Buying, Selling and Shopping; Entertainment and sports; merchandise, speed and weight, Comparing and contrasting.
Travel: Destinations, transportation, directions, locations, telling time, distance, cost, weather.
Past and Future: Tenses, letter writing, School Subjects, signs, workplace terms, polite requests.
Friends and Social Life: Months of the Year, arrivals and Departures, Social Interaction, celebrations, meal courses, Quality terms, Apologies.
Dining and Vacation: Future tense; terms for Art, architecture and Music; Emotions, places of Worship, travel and lodging.
Home and Health: Terms for home, garden and Backyard Activities; Household items and Appliances; terms for Strength and physical Activity.
Life and World: Emotions, continents, life Milestones, Oceans, botanical terms, terms for animals.
Events and places: Opinion and Judgments, currency and Exchange Transactions; Measurements, Household Repair tools, Culinary terms.
Talking About the World: Nationalities, Governmental Leaders, Political terms, media terms, Business terms, Religious terms. Doing things!

The distribution:

The Rosetta Stone - German - Level 1.ISO - drive with the first level
The Rosetta Stone - German - Level 2.iso - drive with the second level
The Rosetta Stone - German - Level 3.iso - drive to the third level
The Rosetta Stone - German - Level 4.iso - drive with a fourth flat
The Rosetta Stone - German - Level 5.iso - Drive to the fifth level
Rosetta_Stone_German_Audio Companion_levels1-5 - a folder with the audio application (Audio Companion) for levels of 1.5

Download Rosetta Stone German v.3 Level 1-5 (Course 2007-2010):

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