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Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5 (2011/ENG)

Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5 (2011/ENG) | 711 MB

Wilcom® DecoStudio© e1.5 integrates CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4 with Wilcom's renowned stitch processor, lettering, monogramming and applique tools to create a complete graphics and embroidery software solution. In addition, it includes more than 10,000 clipart and digital images, 80 creative templates and 1,000 OpenType® fonts, putting all the tools you need within reach.
Are you...

* About to set up your own embroidery business?
* Going to add new decoration techniques to your service offering?
* An embroidery business that needs an efficient way to produce simple custom orders?
* A promotional product company customizing a range of products?

Whatever the medium, be it screen printing, digital printing or embroidery, DecoStudio is your in-house expert. This all-in-one design-to-stitch solution makes embroidery easy by intelligently determining the best stitch settings according to the fabric and garment types chosen, ensuring a high-quality result every time. It also speeds up the design creation process with automatic conversion from vector art to stitch.

Tackle projects such as logo creation, signage, screen prints and vector-based embroidery. Plus, design multi-decoration pieces by freely working with both embroidered and printed elements in one file.

Regardless of your skill level, DecoStudio e1.5 transforms your ideas into professional results. It specializes in:

* Any vector art creation
* Embroidery
* Screen printing
* Monograms

* Applique
* Vinyl signage
* Multi-decoration

...and much more.

What's included
Main Applications

* Wilcom® DecoStudio© e1.5
* CorelDRAW® X4
* Corel® PowerTRACE™ X4
* Corel CAPTURE™ X4


* 10,000 high-quality clipart images
* 1,000 high-resolution digital images
* 80 professionally designed templates
* More than 1,000 OpenType® and international fonts, including more than 30 Windows® Glyph List 4 (WGL4) fonts
* More than 140 embroidery fonts


* Quick Start Guide with projects
* Training videos
* Online user manual and help files
* Clipart reference e-book

What's New
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4

Wilcom® DecoStudio® e1.5 is integrated with the latest version of CorelDRAW, allowing users to take full advantage of all that CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 has to offer.
Break Apart

Use the Break Apart tool to split branched stitch objects, such as monograms, appliques and lettering, into component objects.
Bezier Editing Control

Speed up your editing time with the choice of using the Bezier control handles common to most vector drawing applications or the traditional Wilcom editing method.
Over 140 embroidery fonts included

Enjoy extensive choice in lettering styles with over 140 embroidered fonts to choose from.
Trim Control

Ensure you have the right Thread Trim command settings to suit your embroidery machine with Trim Control.
Stitch Editing

Select and move individual stitches when you want to make tiny adjustments on your design or when working with raw 'stitch files' from other sources.
Digitizing Sound On and Off

If you like to work in peace, you can now control whether or not the software plays sounds in response to your actions.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4

This complete graphics suite is fully integrated with Wilcom® DecoStudio© e1.5. It features best-in-class bitmap-to-vector tracing, vector illustration, photo editing and professional clipart images.

Find out more about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4.
Superior Wilcom® Stitch Quality

Wilcom's patented stitch processor ensures that you get the best quality embroidery results in efficient sewing time, every time. Plus, with 140 professional embroidery fonts, you have the advantage of premium quality Wilcom lettering.
Automated Tasks

You don't have to be an expert...DecoStudio© e1.5 does the hard work for you. Just choose your fabric and garment type and it will determine the best stitch settings for quality results. It also speeds up the design creation process with automatic conversion from vector art to stitch, eliminating the need to digitize.
Flexibility and Control

Having control over your design is important, so DecoStudio provides you with true object-based editing to refine converted embroidery files as you need them. You can even do your own simple embroidery digitizing where required.
Automated Monogram and Applique Tools

The DecoStudio Monogram Wizard allows you to quickly and easily combine type styles, decorative motifs and borders to create personalized monograms for your customers.

Create striking appliques with the Wilcom Applique tool, which automatically builds all the tack-down, base and finishing stitches that your machine requires.

Download Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5 (2011/ENG):

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