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Gopal PE 5.5 TMC + Maps 2010.Q2 (Compatible with Cards Falk)

Gopal PE 5.5 TMC + Maps 2010.Q2 (Compatible with Cards Falk)
2011 | ENG | 3.52 GB

Technologies, equipment and design are certainly important components of the navigation system. However, without good software can not be effectively and successfully plan a route. MEDION company took this into account and developed navigation software, which, according to various independent studies, is the fastest! This software is installed on the navigation devices MEDION GoPal, and can also be found on almost all devices running on Windows for Pocket PC.

System Requirements: PNA Medion with the Windows CE Core 5.0 & Windows CE 6.0
Ext. Information:
Faster, individual, efficient: thanks to new developments.
MEDION GoPal software is available in three versions. Due to the presence of three versions of the software can be adapted to any requirements.
Three versions of the software MEDION GoPal:
MEDION GoPal Navigator ME - a standard version for beginners;
MEDION GoPal Navigator AE - advanced version for advanced users;
MEDION GoPal Navigator PE - premium version with advanced features.

The contents of CD/DVD:
This CD/DVD-ROM includes an electronic version of manual navigation software, navigation software in multiple languages, as well as the necessary cartographic material. Keep in mind that some types of navigation equipment is not equipped with memory cards. In this case, all necessary installation and map data are contained in the memory of the device itself, and install software automatically.
User guide navigation software:
To read the guidance necessary software Adobe Reader . If it does not appear in your computer, use the installation version on the disk.
Alternate install navigation software on the memory card:
Software navigation system can also be installed directly to the prepared card. If necessary, pre-installed software should be uninstalled (see Guide to the device).

To do this, follow these steps:
a) In the program Windows Explorer navigate to the directory "Install"/"Installation" CD/DVD-ROM.
b) Copy all files from this directory in the root directory of your memory card.
c) Insert the memory card into place until it snaps into SD-/MMC.
d) To install the craft reset to its initial state, as described in the manual for the device.
Record installation files and maps in the internal storage device:
The device has an internal nonvolatile memory located in the folder\My Flash Disk. With ActiveSync , and search options can make this and other folders visible. You can perform actions with folders and files as well as using the Explorer. To install files were available, should be required to create the folder. For the installation files, create folder INSTALL (\My Flash Disk\INSTALL). When naming folders, keep in mind the above given style of writing.
If you are using an operating system Windows Vista , then you do not need to use communications software ActiveSync . System files, allowing easy transfer of data, are already integrated into the operating system supplied to you Vista .
Connect your device to a PC via USB-cable used to synchronize. Once the new device is found, the drivers are installed automatically. After successful installation of the new device will be displayed in Windows Explorer under "Portable Devices".
If the navigation device to remember more details, watch for migrating data for enough space in memory. Otherwise, delete unnecessary files.
Transferring files with map data:
a) Copy the file extension ". psf" from the directory "MapRegions" CD/DVD in the directory "MapRegions" memory cards.
b) If the hardware on your computer allows you to transfer data directly to memory card, then simply drag the desired file in the appropriate directory card. This will require less time than to synchronize with the utility ActiveSync . More information is available in the user manual navigation device.
c) On the memory card you can transfer some files from the cartographic data, their number is limited only by storage.

GoPal Assistant:
Set GoPal Assistant from CD / DVD drive on your computer to use the following configuration options:
- Transfer the installation files;
- Data transfer card;
- Transfer files specific purposes;
- Transfer files of speech recognition;
- Synchronize your contacts in Microsoft Outlook (starting with Microsoft Outlook version 2003).

SD-card format . Take away from it all, except for the folder MapRegions.
1. Contents of folder "Gopal PE 5.5 87575 'copy to SD-card (SODERZHYMOE folder, not the entire folder)
2. Prepared by the SD-card, insert the Navi and start/restart.
3. When a red or a blue screen with MEDION GoPal, just click on the letter O. You should see a window CleanUp, go through the first 3 points, to erase the old program, or once every 4 points.
4. How to pass, click Exit, Navi continue the installation will go automatically.

Added a new folder 7 for installation Poi Warner. Fixed and mobile radars in Europe, cash machines, hotspot. as well as deleted file to correctly install Gopal.
Installation (card):
MapRegions folder and all its contents (or only those countries and the files that you need to) and not changing her name, transfer to your SD-card from navigatora.Staruyu folder, remove the card. In any case previously saved to disk. It is better to use a card reader Card Reader and your computer.
Year: 2010
Version: Gopal PE 5.5 87,575 TMC
Developer: Mediongopal

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