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Data: 27 Styczeń 2011
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Kepler 7 Astrology Software Jan 2011

Kepler 7 Astrology Software (Updated Jan 2011)
2011 | ENG | 475.99 MB

Kepler can be used by people with any level of Astrology experience... from novice to professional.The Kepler program provides a comprehensive set of Astrological tools that have been developed over 20 years.Kepler includes countless tools for analysis, forecasting, reporting, learning and research that are used by the worlds leading Astrologers.Friends and associates will delight in exploring with you the unique range of items that you can produce with Kepler

"Looking for a home business ?" Kepler is a powerful tool that will empower you to establish a dynamic business that will make you money... FAST With Treasure Maps you will explore locations for the perfect move, exciting journies, love and relationships and much more

* 12 House Systems
* Arabic Parts, 8,000 Fixed Stars, Parallels of declination, etc.
* ArcTransform Charts and Harmonic Charts
* Major and Minor Asteroids, Chiron, Vertex, Equatorial Asc, TransNeptunian Planets, etc.
* AstroMaps, Local Space, Geodetic, Zodiac Sign Maps and the spectacular Treasure Maps, relocated charts and relocated aspect listings
* Ingress, Eclipse, and Lunation charts, and Eclipse maps
* AstroClock
* Complete atlas with complete daylight savings time tables
* Progressions and Directions
* Composite Charts (Asc. midpt, MC midpt, derived, time-space)
* Secondary, Tertiary, Minor, Solar Arc, and Degree for a Year charts direct and converse
* Solar, Lunar, and Planet Returns
* Transits and Progressed Listings and Time Lines (can include midpoint structures, harmonics, eclipses, and
* Time Line Profile graphically shows when a person is accident-prone, athletic performance is good, etc.
* Natal Profile gives scores on mental, emotional, and personality traits
* Draconic, Declination Longitude Equivalent, Mundoscope, Antiscia, and Tobey Secondary
* Heliocentric, Horizon, and Right Ascension wheels, transits, etc.
* Midpoint trees in longitude or declination and listings, graphic ephemeris of color-coded natal, progressed, and transiting planets in longitude or declination
* 90 Degree Dials, Huber wheels, BiWheels, Tri-Wheels, QuadWheels, MultiWheels, Aspects and Midpoints Comparisons, etc.
* Extraordinary research capabilities, including assumptionless research and creating sophisticated astrological signatures. 18,000 charts of famous people, business, earthquakes, etc. included
* Avalon College and AstroEncyclopedia, incredible learning tools for anyone from beginner to professional
* Natal, Compatibility, and Forecast Interpretive Reports, and the Live Mini MultiMedia birth chart interpretation
* Dasas & Bhuktis, Shad Bala, Nakshatras, Vargas, & Gochara
* Many advanced capabilities for professionals and technical astrologers
* Extensive beautiful astrological graphics library, and True Type astrology font
* Graphic Ephemeris of natal, transits, and progressed postions
* Rectification assist
* 1,000 Minor Asteroid Positions, including recently discovered Ixion, Varuna, and Quaoar! Optional 22,000 Asteroids

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