Data: 26 Styczeń 2011
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Odin Frame Photo Creator v5.4.2 [21.39 Mb]

Odin Frame Photo Creator v5.4.2 | 21.39 Mb

Frame Photo Creator is a professional digital photo tools, not only enable you to take photos on your home PC but also can edit ,print, and manipulate digital photos to improve photo quality .So we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker.The new in 5.4.2 version: auto detect video cam and take photos.

Clorful backgrounds(Frame)
This program includes kinds of different backgrounds(frames),for example, flowers,grass, ,the ocean ,cartoon or funny characters such as Kitty or other animals.

Take personality and quality photos
Fram Photo Creator software has photo mode and camera mode like digital camera.You can choose kinds of different frames,for example, flowers,grass, the ocean ,cartoon or funny characters such as Kitty or other animals to be photo backgound.

Import and Edit photos on your PC
just import the photos and then change the frame of the photos,and alter the color of the photos quickly and easily,adjust hues, sharpness, and add decorations,base pictures to the photo in edit area until you are satisfied.

Print out the photos
Print out the photos after you took the photo if you have the printers or you can save the photos on your PC to share it with your friends.

Other functions
You can also add single frame,funny expression,base photo background on your computer as your like in the database and choose to be background for your photos.Also you can make photos with your friends at home if having this program.

Features about version 5.4.2
1. Have photo mode and digital camera mode.
2. Include thousands of frames and add your personalized frames freely .
3. Assemble photos in diffferent way
4. Add funny face to the photos.
5. Add base background to the photos.
6. Eidt photos in many ways like change color,alter the location in the photo editor
7. Import frame,photo,photo background,expression to database.
8. Chage and apply photo size before print
9. Save edditing photos and next time just upload it and contitue to edit.
10.Print out the photos.
11. Easy to operate.

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