Data: 26 Styczeń 2011
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Web Calendar Pad 2011.0.9 [13.36 Mb]

Web Calendar Pad 2011.0.9 | 13.36 Mb

Web Calendar Pad is an easy to use windows program for publishing an event calendar on your website. Calendar Pad publishes directly from your windows desktop to your website using standard FTP (File Transfer). No online databases to install and maintain, no programming required. Simply add events, pick a calendar style and publish online. You can also attach pictures, documents and pdf files like you do with email. Share files online in a stylish and practical calendar format that website visitors can subscribe to with RSS. Makes a perfect calendar for a business, school, church, club, organization or team.

Here are some key features of "Web Calendar Pad":
*Create Web Calendars that can include photos, backgrouns, and custom fonts
*Easy to use and quick to publish
*Lets you keep data in a separate calendar for each subject, but selectivly merge when publishing
*Supports the FTP protocol of file transfer, that makes it easy to publish your calendars on the internet
*Supports Macros, that let you use short-cut key words and then replace them with full text allowing you to reduce the amount of typing
*Built in wizard, lets you define the look of your calendar, or choose from predefined theme
*Lets you add custom headers and footers to you html calendar

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