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Risen (2009) Multi3 RePack by R.G. Catalyst [2.68 GB]

Risen (2009) Multi3 RePack by R.G. Catalyst [2.68 GB]
Year: 2009 | Language: Russian / English / German | PC | Developer: Piranha Bytes | Publisher: Deep Silver | 2.68 GB
Genre: RPG

Risen - role-playing game series from the creators of "Gothic" offers adventurous journey to a mysterious and sinister island with the ruins of an ancient temple and an active volcano. There's a scenic forests await them bloodthirsty monsters and representatives of several warring factions. Modern graphics, advanced role model, elegant style of sword fighting and the reputation of developers to play a lot of fans even before its release.

- Peace. New world, find out which will be a hero - rather large island, full of life and mysteries hidden mysteries and secrets. It is not so large as in Gothic 3, it is more similar to the world first or even second Gothic. The island is full of surprises and dangers, as well as fascinating and interesting tasks to perform which can be many different ways.
Beautiful and varied landscape make the journey on the island pleasant and even more enticing. Enormous size dungeon chic castle, dangerous swamps and forests alive. All this awaits us in the world Risen.
- Characters. In the new game we will see a large number of individuals. The sophisticated intelligence will allow the player to produce various combinations of plot. Residents of the island will no longer simple manikenami, filling the space. The island is alive and every character - a unique character and appearance.
- Story. The game's plot will be built in an "extensive linearity. And it will be a big ball of yarn to untangle that should be a player. Choice in each situation will affect the entire subsequent course of events

System requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Ž Windows Ž XP (SP 3) / Vista
Processor: Pentium Ž 4 2 GHz or equivalent Athlon Ž
Memory: 1GB
Video Card: 3D-graphics adapter with 256 MB memory, compatible with DirectX Ž 9.0c (GeForce 7900 or Radeon X1800)
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX Ž 9.0

Features RePack:
- Do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
- Select promptness Voice and text in any combination
- The game has been updated to version 1.10
- Installed patch localization of WorldOfRisen
- Installation time ~ 5 minutes

Risen (2009) Multi3 RePack by R.G. Catalyst [2.68 GB]

Risen (2009) Multi3 RePack by R.G. Catalyst [2.68 GB]

Risen (2009) Multi3 RePack by R.G. Catalyst [2.68 GB]

Download (Fileserve) RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part1.rar RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part2.rar RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part3.rar RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part4.rar RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part5.rar RePack by R.G. Catalyst.part6.rar

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