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Data: 25 Styczeń 2011
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Quantum of Solace: The Game (2008) MULTi3 [7.26 GB]

Quantum of Solace: The Game (2008) MULTi3 [7.26 GB]
Year: 2008 | Language: English, French, German | PC | Developer: Treyarch, Nerve Software and Beenox Studios | Publisher: Activision | 7.26 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person

None of the spy had not yet managed to surpass in skill and the charm of the legendary James Bond. An agent of Her Majesty addresses the most difficult tasks. In perfectly ironed tuxedo and with a radiant smile, he uncovers a global conspiracy, and suppresses the diabolical plans and embarks on a most improbable scam. Desperate shootings, the rapid pursuit, covert sabotage of breathtaking - with the help of Quantum of Solace you personally to uncover all aspects of life spy!

Now you have a unique chance to become James Bond for the XXI century. Looks and physique hero precisely recreated in the image of Daniel Craig. You will find yourself in the middle of the action of two films. Familiar scenes and new aspects of the brand and convey the atmosphere and style of stories about the agent. With the incredibly realistic graphics and sound immerse yourself in the exciting world of deceit, intrigue, betrayal, insanely expensive cars and seductive girlfriends. It's time to try on a tux!

* New Bond. For the first time in the games about the agent "007" featured a new image of James Bond, Daniel Craig effectively disclosed. You will see the hero such what remember him in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace."
* The right to choose. Each new job is not like the previous one. You never know for sure how to do is at this time. Use different tactical receptions depending on events and situations. Silently eliminate a victim in a dark corner to get involved in a bitter fight or to arrange a shoot in the middle of the hotel lobby - it's up to you.
* Looking from the outside. The most notorious villains confront James Bond. Increase your chances of winning by using just two types - from the first and third person.
* As in the movie! With the latest special effects, immersing in a charming and ruthless world of James Bond will be complete. Spectacular views, spectacular explosions, graceful tricks and technology "picture-in-picture - this is not a complete list of graphical techniques.
* Around the World. You will visit Bolivia, Montenegro, Venice and Austria. Each area has its indescribable flavor.
* In the new role! Quantum of Solace opens road to big "dismantling"! Now you have access to the collective battle on the web. Feel yourself as a hunter or a victim!

System requirements:
• Operating System: Microsoft (R) Windows (R) XP / VISTA
• Processor: Pentium (R) 4 2.4GHz or Athlon XP (TM) 64 2800 + MHz or any 1.8Ghz Dual Core
• Memory: 512 MB
• Video: 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX (R) 9.0c-compliant 128 MB
• Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX
• Diskspace: 8 Gb

[center]Quantum of Solace: The Game (2008) MULTi3 [7.26 GB]

Quantum of Solace: The Game (2008) MULTi3 [7.26 GB]


Download (Fileserve) of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part1.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part2.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part3.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part4.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part5.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part6.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part7.rar of Solace_The Game_2008_MULTi3.part8.rar

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