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Data: 22 Styczeń 2011
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PROMT Professional Gigant Final [245MB]

PROMT Professional Gigant Final | 245MB

PROMT Professional 9.0 is a business solution with the most flexible capabilities for managing the quality of translation. With PROMT Professional 9.0 you can quickly obtain high-quality translations of documents, Web sites, or emails. You can also create corporate databases of translations of similar documents (for example, contracts or manuals) using the Translation Memory technology.
Translation function can be built into the most popular applications.

* Microsoft Office 2000-2010;
* Writer v. 2–3;
* Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 5–8;
* Mozilla Firefox 1.5-3.5;
* Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 6–9;
* ICQ 2003b, ICQ Lite, ICQ6;
* QIP Infium RC3 (9017);
* Windows Live Messenger v. 8;
* Skype v. 3–4.

Supported languages

PROMT Professional 9.0 translates between the following languages:
* English - Russian and Russian - English
* English - German and German- English;
* English-Spanish and Spanish-English;
* English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English;
* English-French and French-English;
* English-Italian and Italian-English;

Installation instructions
Installed on drive C
Close the browser
run the patch as administrator
the registration and activate enter arbitrary numbers

About the product:
Title: PROMT Professional 9.0 Gigant
Developer: Promt
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows Xp, Vista, se7en (x86 x64)
Language: Rus + En
Crack: Present (Patch)
Size: 246 Mb

System requirements:
* 500 MHz Pentium processor or better;
* at least 64 MB or RAM;
* SVGA or better video card and monitor;
* an optical drive;
* a mouse or similar input device;
* operating system:
* —Microsoft Windows 7;
—Microsoft Windows Vista;
—Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or higher;
—Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4;
* NET Framework 3.0 (installed automatically).

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