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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 22 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Sonokinetic Desert Voice KONTAKT (2011/ISO/ENG)

Sonokinetic Desert Voice KONTAKT (2011/ISO/ENG) | 4.06 GB

Sonokinetic’s very unique and one of a kind, richly sampled middle eastern vocal library. It captures the mysterious beauty and the impressive magic of the Iraqi Egyptian Arabian male voice. Whether you need to create an authentic Middle Eastern composition, or just add some spice and originality to any production, Desert Voice provides the necessary elements to set your music apart. These intriguing melodies and phrase improvisations will give you a broad range of diversity in your composition.

We’ve gone all the way and recorded most of the commonly used Middle Eastern melodic styles (maqams). It is available in all parallel western contemporary root keys. These can easily be triggered and displayed in the Kontakt user’s interface. For easy and quick scoring Desert Voice provides patches with Arabian styled melodies which are harmonically mirrored to western minor scales.

Performed by mr. Hammam Al Sayid who’s schooled in the classical Arabian art music. With full dedication to this project he put out the best musical performance we’ve experienced yet. From the deepest low to the highest intense emotion Hammam took us by surprise and open our ears and imagination to the mystic and fantastic world within the Arabian music.

What’s in this volume:
Base samples: 1 male voice. Deser Voice / Iraqi / Egypgian Arabian styled sound.
33 instruments , 3 Multi instruments for Kontakt 4.1. with up to 5 tab screens – Main View, Convolution, Envelope, Scale Indicator and a credits tab
Main view with key indicator, BPM switches and thematic design
Convolution reverb applied to all patches. 5 rooms available
Envelope Editor: Attack, decay, sustain and release knobs
Scale indicator: key zone linked. Generic harmony view with tone distances
BPM switch for different speeds of chanting.
4800+ samples. (6,54GB sample content)
7 recorded vocal styles. The most commonly used melodic styles: Hicaz, Acem, Kurdi, Nihavent, Rast, Saba and Lami. These are applied to songs and chants. – Male folder: Chants & Songs in all keys, voice effects; whispered and spoken texts (ancient Arabian poems). Chants are wordless melody lines, Songs contain words.
Western Minor Improvisations: with these special patches we’ve tried to blend the Arabian melody to the western harmonics. For quick scoring and creative artistic features to your music. Not all keys are available due to the vocal pitch limitation.
Song and chant patches programmed key switches linked to the harmony root. With corresponding interface views. Root harmony and scales are presented for each key zone.
As for the text and poems correspond to the title of the spoken text.
1 “Morphious” sound artist patches. A handpicked set of the best vocal performances from Desert Voice , morphed, edited , analog and digitally remixed and remasterd by two professional sound designers.
“FX Vocal loops”, an exclusive one of a kind original Arabian recording of the Arabian style male voice percussion. These patches are the real deal. Sonokinetic is proud to present this as a special feature
“Ezan”, another very exclusive one of kind original Middle Eastern recording. The “Call for prayer” is like the church bell for the Christians. Very recognizable and beautifully and artistically performed.
Time stretching patches. (TS); all male chants and songs patches are available with mod wheel function to slow down and speed up the phrases and melody lines.
5 impulse responses: 24 bit wave format. Red Desert Cave, Sahara Cave, Large Istanbul Dome Mosque, smaller dome mosque and Turkish empirical hall.
Interface installers for Mac, PC and manual instructions.
Royalty and copyright free content license.
License and Usage Agreement for “Desert Voice”
Historical and Musical Origins , manual (pdf). A musical theory about Middle eastern music specified to the maqam style used in “Desert Voice”.
Arabic – Turkish – English translations for all sung and spoken texts within “Desert Voice”. These texts have never been translated. This is a genuine first. And we’re proud to present them as an extra feature.

Download Sonokinetic Desert Voice KONTAKT (2011/ISO/ENG):

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