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Data: 22 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Soundscan Vol 05 - Explosive Jungle (AKAI) [355MB]

Soundscan Vol 05 - Explosive Jungle (AKAI) | 355MB

This unique musical style is expertly redefined by the loops and multisamples created specifically by Zend Avesta, jungle wizard on the cutting edge of the European scene. Hundreds of jungle loops & breakbeats ranging between 160 & 173 BPM, most including already trimmed samples of snare, hi-hat & bass drum, so that you can create your own breaks and variations.

And no jungle tool would be complete without the distinctive bass and synth sounds that give jungle its unique sound. 'Explosive Jungle' features them all, from lush, super wide and deep synth strings to more minimalist pads, from the most dangerous sub-bass to the distorted synth bass, sound effects and more. Never before has such a high quality toolkit been available for such a fair price.
It can instil a true Jungle feel into many different styles of music. Go ahead, experiment with it and discover the mysteries of jungle!

278 Drumloops & Breaks
22 Bass
39 Pads
19 Sound FX

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