Data: 20 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.3.175642.36 Beta (x86/x64) [17.5 MB/18.5 MB]
COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.3.175642.36 Beta (x86/x64) | 17.5 MB/18.5 MB

COMODO Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is a set of tools to clean infected computers. The main application of CCE is a powerful virus scanner, spyware, rootkits, etc. It has more advanced scanning and cleaning methods that are not represented yet in the CIS. Also introduced was a powerful tool called Killswitch, which is intended exclusively for professionals for the diagnosis of ALL in your computer.

Features CCE:
• Portable: No installation required!
• DACS (Distributed and co-scan)
• Scanner rootkits and stealthy malicious files
• The ability to remove harmful files
• Shredder as advanced tools for monitoring system activity

According to the results of testing of the product will be added tools and features. After starting the program will be downloaded virus database total size of 80 MB.

Whats new in CCE 1.3.175642.36?
FIXED! Hidden registry key/value FP under certain circumstances
FIXED! DACS timeout is returned as malware
IMPROVE: Add an option for creating a Windows restore point before scan
IMPROVE: Integrate ProcessHacker 2.10 into KillSwitch
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Download (Fileserve) Cleaning Essentials 1.3.175642.36 Beta (x86).zip Cleaning Essentials 1.3.175642.36 Beta (x64).zip

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