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Data: 19 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Virtua Fighter 5 XBOX360 (PAL/NTSC-U) ENG [7.05 GB]

Virtua Fighter 5 XBOX360 (PAL/NTSC-U) ENG [7.05 GB]

Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Fighting
Region: PAL
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: English
DL File Size: 7.05 GB

Virtua Fighter series is considered a cult among fans of virtual combat. Unique characters, various combat, hundreds of receptions and intricate combinations glorify her name. Here is the culmination of years of development: in the fifth leg of the series best, collected from previous episodes, multiplied by the outstanding features next-generation consoles!

Virtua Fighter 5 introduces players to the two earlier fighters are not represented, each of which professes its own military doctrine. You will also find a special shop where they sell useful things, and an arsenal of incredible techniques. They greatly expand the possibilities of characters, forcing more to think about strategy, combat.

The fighting is more real than life! Graphical power of next-generation consoles, combined with support for widescreen TVs HDTV standard surround the imagination!

Fighters became more! Rows of soldiers joined the Chinese Eileen - master unique style monkey, and a Mexican wrestler El Blaze, a practicing exotic techniques Luca Libre. Overall, the choice offered seventeen best fighters!

Create a unique hero! Each character has four costumes that you can add and decorate a set of special attributes that are bought in your store!

Battle for the money! To regularly buy new clothes, we need money. Cash prizes are awarded for victory in brutal fights with the strongest contenders. Win is not easy, but the reward is worth the effort!

Stab in the back! Thanks to a new kind of movements, each character can now get around an opponent with lightning speed and deal a crushing blow from behind! Pay close attention to the enemy, not to miss his maneuver and seize the moment for their own attacks.

Travel the world! The picturesque scene are scattered around the world. Virtua Fighter 5 - is not only a deadly battle, but the trip around the world.

Only on Xbox 360 - Take advantage of Xbox Live! Thanks to the multiplayer mode, you can fight with a rival in any part of the world, as well as upload videos alien battles in order to study the style of potential adversaries.

Virtua Fighter 5 XBOX360 (PAL/NTSC-U) ENG [7.05 GB]

Download (Filesonic) Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part01.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part02.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part03.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part04.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part05.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part06.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part07.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part08.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part09.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part10.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part11.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part12.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part13.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part14.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part15.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part16.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part17.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part18.rar Fighter 5 (PAL_NTSC-U_ENG_XBOX360.part19.rar

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