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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 19 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

GTR Evolution v1.1.1.2 UPDATE 2011 (PC/ENG) REPACK

GTR Evolution v1.1.1.2 UPDATE 2011 (PC/ENG) REPACK | 4.37 GB

I did not copy-paste the standard description of this game, because this car simulator from SimBin in the view hardly needs. My game is a modification of the offline version consisting of five games: Race 07, GTR Evo, Crowne Plaza, STCC and Race On. Were based on original English image games. Maud did in a few months yet, I admit the presence of introduced errors. Many of the mistakes made by the developer, has been corrected. I want to say that I was not able to qualitatively test every car on every track, so I will be grateful for the description of the error, if they exist. All corrections are in process of accumulation in the form of individual patches.

All the tracks are divided into three categories and are sorted in alphabetical order.
Added 7-I transmission to support the respective cars.
The game is completely independent and not tied to the system registry, so you can not install it on the system partition, and reinstall the OS, you do not have to worry about the settings, presets, saved replays, as well as spend time installing the game: in this case sufficiently just create a shortcut to run the game from a convenient place for you.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that the main feature of the proposed fashion - it is completely decrypt files games. Thus, you can change it all, whatever you want: from graphics to the parameters of tracks.
Why not Russian? Unfortunately Akella has not released a high-quality localization gtr evo. The new drive did race on, but the amount of polurusskoy and poluangliyskoy games, I did not. I think that everything should be in one language.

Changes (updated 01/12/2011)
- All trails are a common classification format (now being added every track, reduced to this format will be properly sorted).
- All cars are grouped by grade.
- While working on the preceding paragraphs have been found and corrected numerous errors of the developer and of course their own + added new ones).
- On the trail Macau in 2006 found two grave errors of the developer (the impression that they did not check it after the final edit). There are no direction indicators. The sky is constantly "blinking" is filled with black and sometimes translucent gray, and black arm in the second sector. Before the update distribution you can see for yourself by riding one lap. Fixed a bug in the distribution, which appears after the update distribution.
- Fixed text color displays download components (a very bright).
- Added missing logos for class WTCC 87 (my omission).
- Added a sound for refueling pitstope.
- Removed auto configuration files for specific routes (from the directory with auto). Analysis showed that use them do not succeed, despite the fact that when downloading the program runs its searches, but not where they are. Move is impossible because it would match the names and internal identifiers in these files are not. On the other hand for the first time would be enough for basic presets (UserData \ CarSetups) available for download from the garage.
- Updated files to the main parameters of cars: the beta version of the engine replaced with a stable version + fixed many different errors, including on tracks (taken from the official patch).
- On the road to Gothenburg missing indicators (self-correction can not be).
- The class FBMW when switching form for Hood, on the screen "hangs in the air a piece before" and nothing more (corrected).
- To date, all tracks have been tested and are fully operational and tested and fixed all the cars.
- It was possible to revive the "mummy" that sit behind the wheel Challenger SRT8 and Camaro 2009 (blunders developer in models of drivers).
Methods of testing: three laps for each track, including the first round with a view from the cockpit, the second - to switch species and the third - with the external camera. At the end of the last lap, acceleration to maximum speed and struck the side (test lesions), and then view the 30-second replay. The most persistent fireballs were FBMW: after hitting the ocean at the speed of 230 km / h, found problems with the suspension and puncture one of the wheels are specifically tested several times: the result - the car harder than you think.
- FIFA 2007 is fully tested.
- Saved Replays verified - work. Noticed a strange behavior game: if anything changed in the game, then replay no mirrors, and the image of them remains in the upper left corner. View file content with repeats, found that there are saved path and file names trails and auto ... strange.
- Fixed all the cameras in all types on all machines: no more empty "black" mirrors.
- Fixed seating position, whose head could protrude through the roof, but when driving over bumps and bumps, they are still climbs out))
- When you switch on the HUD FULL 4, the text on the right of the flag, and sectors other than white and black, plus periodically instead of the text there is a white rectangle. Bug engine associated with the font file MyriadPro_Semibold_30px.
- Removed unused files from the game.
- Minor fixes.

Files in the game: 80930
Trails: 66 including variations
Cars: 620
Models: 82
Number of starts the game: 1209 (while working on a mod, taken from a file UserData \ \. PLR)

System requirements:
- OS: Windows XP SP2/Windows Vista
- Processor: Pentium IV 2,2 GHz
- Memory - 1 GB (2 GB for Windows Vista)
- Video: 256 MB Directx 9-compatible 3D graphics card (GeForce 6600 level and above, except for embedded graphics)
- Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
- 15 GB of free hard disk space
- DirestX 9.0c

Download GTR Evolution v1.1.1.2 UPDATE 2011 (PC/ENG) REPACK:

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