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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 19 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Vivid WorkshopData ATI 10.5 (2011)

Vivid WorkshopData ATI 10.5 (2011)
Year: 2011 | Language: English,Russian | Platform / OS: All Win | 2.87 GB

Professional integrated solution, with a large technical database for efficient and economical service vehicles.
Company Vivid Automotive Data & Media BV Bright - a leading developer and supplier of software for the automotive aftermarket in the European service centers. The company's goal is to develop innovative and fully integrated solutions that effectively reduce the cost of maintenance costs, "iron horses".
In December 2006, was officially presented to the flagship product Vivid WorkshopData ATI, which is over 5 years, replenishes and updates are currently installed and used in more than 25,000 engines and workshops throughout Europe.
Vivid WorkshopData ATI based on a technical database, which is the largest in Europe, the repository of these cars, and includes important information on the maintenance and repair, adjustment data, technical drawings and data engine management systems. The program complex has a clear and user-friendly interface. One license can be used for stand-alone application or in multiplayer mode with the possibility of parallel operation of 4 users.

Every six months, Vivid WorkshopData ATI updated with new cars, new features and additional data. Members receive free updates such. The quality of the data they contain is unparalleled, with data standardized for your convenience.
- Data are based solely on the original data producers (OEM).
- The database includes all the available modern cars presented at the European market.
Vivid WorkshopData ATI - it's more than just a database filled with reliable information and data quality. It is also easy to use application that will help you with efficient and economical maintenance of vehicles. Search for data maintenance car quickly and easily, which makes it possible to calculate the standard time for work.
Key features and benefits Vivid WorkshopData ATI:
- Intuitive: transparent structure and a simple navigation scheme.
- Compact: all information about a car you can get with 7 buttons.
- Fast: all the information necessary for proper diagnosis can be obtained with a single button.
- Simple: the search for the required manufacturer, model and type of car on one single criterion.
- It is reasonable: the program stores in memory information about the last 10 cars.
- Convenient: clearly layed overview page allows you to quickly get all the necessary information.
- Simple: Print forms and reports for your convenience.

New in Vivid WorkshopData ATI 10.5:
Electronics Smart Assistant (Consultant on Electronic)
Automotive electronics is evolving rapidly. To accurately diagnose faults, auto mechanic today needs detailed information on complex electronic processors (ECU) and associated components. One scheme, shown on a computer is no longer enough.
Intelligent Module-Assistant Electronic (Electronics Smart Assistant) dramatically improves the performance and diagnosis of electronic vehicle components. Intelligent Module-Assistant (Smart Assistant) easy to use. You can enter codes EOBD, or go directly to the electronic component. Clear step by step instructions allow you to accurately diagnose. The database contains thousands of standard P-codes, error codes, the manufacturer and detailed wiring diagrams, which allows to make a diagnosis quickly and easily.
Intelligent Module-Assistant Electronic (Electronics Smart Assistant) is integrated into the application system or available as a separate module.
TO Management System: Tools for THAT car
The new version predlaget operational amount of information for maintenance of cars and trucks. Below are the main functions of the module:
- Browse all jobs then the period
- For each system we offer an overview table showing all the possible job then on the same page with links to the corresponding periods of TO.
- Intervals then with monthly updates.
- Standardized information about the manufacturer of the periods TA.
- Periods of replacing the timing belt.
- Information zeroing indicator THAT.
- Special maintenance schedule, covering the use in summer, winter and on weekends.
- Work sheet with the ability to print.
Duration TO
You can include or exclude additional work, depending on the job. When jobs are added or removed, the total time is changed automatically.
Smart links to specific information on TO
In the task list you will find many clever references to other data in our application. The required amount of oil, the correct tire pressure, a detailed review of activities connected with the clutch, the required details .... All these data are shown in the task list or are available with one click.

Shopping List
Assignments were connected with the common rooms of spare parts. You can create a custom shopping list for an interval of TO, which will include all the required details. We have included a list of all parts that may need to order for this interval TO. You can manually add or remove you need spare parts. If you have a license for the module Organiser, you can import a shopping list to its working order, including details neobhodimyedlya additional repairs.

Organiser - the starting point
Organiser integrates everything - repair time & M, spare parts, prices and other information. Once you've chosen the right vehicle, preriod maintenance and repair, the system displays the full working order. It includes what the specific prolozhitelnostyu TO, plus the length of the selected works to repair and shows the correct time work and the estimated cost of just a few steps.
Variable duration of repairs
You can change the duration of the direct field of time and store data for later use.

Developer: vivid-europe
Year: 2011
Enabling | reg code: There is a key
Language: Russian, English

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