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Data: 16 Styczeń 2011
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3DFluff Introduction To Cinema 4D

3DFluff Introduction To Cinema 4D R12-HELL

Introduction to R12 is a complete starter course with 5 hours of tuition for anyone just starting with CINEMA 4D. Targetted towards someone who is currently using Photoshop or After Effects, or anyone currently using an old or low-end 3D application that is looking to move up to a professional piece of software. Matthew takes you through everything from setting your projects up, adjusting preferences to make your life easier, through all the expected areas such as modelling, lighting, animation, texturing and rendering.

Everything is explained clearly and tips about common mistakes and misunderstandings are explained so that you don’t get stuck. This DVD is suitable for all versions of CINEMA 4D R12 but does predominantly cover the features found in the Prime edition. Some extra pointers are mentioned though so that users of other versions such as Broadcast and Studio know where to look if they wish to read up on specific extra features which might help them.

3DFluff Introduction To Cinema 4D

Main topics covered:
- General application guide
- Modeling, from simple spline-based to full poly editing
- Animation
- Materials and textures
- Setting up renders
- Particle systems
- Easy object deformation
- Which buttons you shouldn’t worry about

System requirements:
Any computer capable of playing back H.264 encoded Quicktime movies from a DVD. This DVD will not play in a standalone DVD player. The high quality video compression demands a 2GHz or higher CPU for smooth playback and a minimum screen resolution of 1440?900. Smaller screens may work, but will not show the full video detail.

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Aby zobaczyć ukryty tekst musisz być zalogowany, jeżeli nie masz konta zarejestruj się!

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