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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 13 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 SP1 v.740 x86 EN Code Name "Mirage Adrenalizes" (2011)

Windows 7 SP1 v.740 x86 EN Code Name "Mirage Adrenalizes" (2011) | 972 MB

Almost analog "Miracle Adrenalizes" on a different basis. Build on the new Windows Embedded POSReady 7 SP1 V.740 x86 En-Ru.
Despite the existence of two languages, English. and Rus. also imeeet small size, and almost everything you need for most users to play and work:
Net.Framework 3.5, IE 8.0, WMP11, scissors, all components of the IP, etc.

You can use the TV-Tuner, although there are also no MC, tablet, speech, text, the basis of all languages. Installation and exit to the desktop only in Russian.
More suitable course of gamers - <1 GB. I must say that the initial deployment POSReady differs radically from the Embedded Standard, on the basis of which was done earlier
"Miracle Adrenalizes", although in the end between assemblies outwardly little difference, but they are still there. More screenshots from a real PC.

Game of sevens - only an Internet game, subject only Aero, Gadgets, search, shortcuts, folders, cleaners Temp, cache IE8, safe removal of USB devices, as well as the Registry Life, StartupManager, Defraggler.

Swapping is disabled, hibernation is missing, the window to select components does not work. Removed the inscription at the clock. Most services delivered to manual mode. Install only under DOS from the CD (out of the system is not working).

Download Windows 7 SP1 v.740 x86 EN Code Name "Mirage Adrenalizes" (2011):

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