Data: 10 Styczeń 2011
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Legion Of Extraodinary Dancers (2010) DVDRiP XViD [713 MB]

Legion Of Extraodinary Dancers (2010) DVDRiP XViD [713 MB]
English | AVI | 1h 21 mins | 608x336 | Mp3 128kbs| 713 MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Music | Mystery

They lie amongst us, preparing for battle, waiting to rise and change things for good. Some are gifted in ability, others are trained to master it and some, some have it bestowed upon them at birth, but they all must choose.” These words, spoken in a James Earl Jones baritone, could be the opening crawl for the latest “X-Men” movie. But they aren’t referring to traditional superheroes, at least not in the masked and overly muscled sense. They are dancers.

The lines come from the first episode of “The LXD” or “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers,” a new dance-inspired Web series created by Jon M. Chu, the 30-year-old director of the hit 2008 movie “Step Up 2: The Streets” and the soon to be released “Step Up 3D.”
The series, which makes its debut on July 7 on Hulu is produced by Mr. Chu and Hieu Ho with Agility Studios and distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment and is a leap in Web-based original programming for both the companies and Mr. Chu. (An exclusive clip from the first episode of “The LXD” is available at
Shot all around Los Angeles, “The LXD” is set on the street and in high school gyms and abandoned warehouses. In some ways it brings to mind Jerome Robbins, a “NY Export: Opus Jazz” for the hip-hop age. But despite the misfit nature of the characters and the stylishly gritty locales, the series was not made on the cheap; the budget is in the millions of dollars. “This is the most ambitious project that has been done for the Internet,” said Thomas F. Lesinski, the president of Paramount Digital Entertainment, adding later that the cinematography “could hold up in a movie theater.”
Changing public perceptions about dancers was part of what Mr. Chu had in mind when he conceived the series. “The idea was that they really have super-human powers — a guy that can spin on his head for 80-something times,” he said.
With “The LXD” Mr. Chu, inspired in part by comic books, has created a fantasy world experienced through dance. The basic story line chronicles the journey of seemingly ordinary people who discover that they have extraordinary powers and must choose which side to take in an epic battle between good (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) and evil (the Alliance of the Dark).

Legion Of Extraodinary Dancers (2010) DVDRiP XViD [713 MB]

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