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Data: 8 Styczeń 2011
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Heroes Of Might and Magic 2

Heroes Of Might and Magic 2 | 200 MB

Heroes Of Might and Magic 2

Heroes Of Might and Magic 2

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars is a turn based strategy war game for PC. It is based around the same concept as Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest - heroes running around the map with creatures in their armies, battling other creature and hero armies, gaining experience and learning new skills, collecting resources and artifacts, capturing mines and castles and building improvements to existing castles in order to produce and hire more powerful creatures. Usually the aim is to rule the world by defeating all other heroes and capturing all of their castles. A player can have multiple heroes either running or sailing around the map or garrisoned in a castle.


* 66 monsters
* 9 terrain types
* Over 70 spells
* 4 primary skills

* Over 70 artifacts
* 14 secondary skills
* 74 structures to build
* 6 types of castles/heroes
* 40 campaign scenarios with unique 3D rendered sequences for each

System Requirements:

* 60 MB hard drive space
* SVGA graphics card
* Microsoft compatible mouse
* Double speed CD-ROM drive
* Windows 95 or DOS 5.0 or greater
* IBM 486 66Mhz or greater and 100% compatibles

Download Heroes Of Might and Magic 2:

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