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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 4 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Half-Life 2: Rock 24 (2010/PC/ENG)

Half-Life 2: Rock 24 (2010/PC/ENG) | 2.3 GB

Story mode begins on a fishing ship, where a handful of "peaceful fishers' sails itself on important business. Suddenly swooped down several enemy helicopters and ties fight. Freeman has been actively watering helicopters, but then it washes over the side and he falls into the hands of enemies, who sent him to rot in jail. However, our good fellow very different plans for the future ... This mod will tell, as Freeman was selected from a large semi-abandoned prison complex, which is even steeper than the Nova Prospekt prison.

His way we begin with a fishing boat rebels. We briefly explain that we're not out fishing, and sailing in the top-secret prison to save a certain scientist. Suddenly, we attacked the helicopter combines and in consequence, we fall into the water. After this screen goes black, and do not be afraid that there is an inscription "Loading ..." We come into the consciousness of the snake as a prisoner in prison Rock 24, without weapons and costume. Here we are met by the same scholar, whom we must save. He says a short speech, and it takes metrokop. That's it. No one will mount into the hands will not let themselves think. Here we have a fragment of the pipe to get into the electronic board and grill as something opens up. Next we find the mount, Bugagaga! Cracking a computer scientist combines, and will help prevent us along the path. After that we find our clothes. Scientist's firing, and jail. Here comes Mr. assembling and using the broken pipe wrenches the scientist. Now we are running together. In the end, when we get out into the light, do not think that right now, darken screen and a scientist will say "Hurrah!". We still have a fierce battle with combine harvesters, where the rebel reinforcements and Vortigaunts help us. Maud made very good. Everywhere we have to solve all sorts of riddles to logic and dexterity. Some parts of the prison abandoned. There are operating a zombie. The authors even our Easter box with the PSP left.

System requirements:
- Operating System: Microsoft Ž Windows Ž XP, VISTA, Win7
- Processor: Pentium Ž 4 1.8 Hz
- Memory: 512 MB of memory
- Video Card: 3D-accelerator 128 MB of memory and will support Pixel Shader 2.0
- Sound Card: DirectX Ž 9c
- Disk Space: 5 GB

Download Half-Life 2: Rock 24 (2010/PC/ENG):

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