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Data: 30 Grudzień 2010
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Windows 7 Ultimate by firekeeper v7.2 2010 (x86/ENG)

Windows 7 Ultimate by firekeeper v7.2 2010 (x86/ENG) | 3.2 GB

Assembling win7 updated on 28.12.2010. No additional drivers are included - win 7 is sufficient. ! Make sure you hide the KB971033 in the update list, to avoid authentication!

Also includes:
(If you do not like some of these applications do not hesitate to edit deploy.cmd) (file is in \ wf7.2 \ sources \ $ OEM $ \ $ 1 \ deploy.cmd.)
Daemon Tools with sptd1.62
WinRAR 3.80
Acrobat Reader 9.4
Defrag 11.1 Pro
Firefox 3.6.12
Java (TM) 6 Update 22
Nero Burning ROM lite
Lightscribe Plugin
Microsoft Security Essentials
Office 2003sp3
Flash Player
Yahoo Messenger 10
Classic Shell Toolbar
Everest Ultimate Edition
Total Commander
The KMPlayer
Sidebar Gadgets
Several oboin
TeamViewer6 free - TeamRun6

Enabled Windows Classic view folder (File | Edit | View | Tools | Help)
Removed - the suffix label of the label
Item added to "Device Manager" in the menu, called by right-clicking on the icon "Computer"
Added item "Services" in the menu, called by right-clicking on the icon "Computer"
Disabled web service file associations - Bypassing "Browse web for program" to open a file with unknown extension
"Open With ..." by default
Added item "Command Prompt" by pressing shift + right mouse button on a folder
Added Notepad when you click the right button
Disabled tracking links to the wrong label
Search for all types of files
Made registration of Windows with Microsoft unnecessary
Shows the real speed of recording a CD in Nero (example: write speed 21.6x)
Turned off Windows Mail splash screen
Turn off automatic updates for Windows Media Player
Not shown the item "Default Programs" in Start Menu
Featured Item "Administrative Tools" in the Start Menu
Allowed to enter long filenames in DOS
Right-click any drive to close the optical drive tray
Added a menu option by pressing Shift + right mouse button to open any folder on your computer in a new window
Disabled NTFS Last Access Time Stamp (speeds up viewing folders on NTFS)
Disabled kernel paging - Optimized performance of the system kernel
All the time when you click the item "edit .." to me, called by right mouse button is sending a notebook
Item added to register / unregister to the context menu of files. OCX
Item added to register / unregister to the context menu of files. DLL
16-bit applications will open in a separate memory space - This increases stability when dealing with 16-bit applications
Notepad saves window position
Adds an option when prvoy Click on the mouse for unknown files (Open with notepad)
WordWrap included in the notebook
Included in the status bar in notepad
Included in the status bar in all windows
Include search system folders in the search
Including the killing of hanging processes for 5 seconds
HTA files (used for WPI) opened with Mshta.exe
Increased speed of response of the shell
Turn off Autoplay "Windows Defender"
Stopped downloading "Welcome Center" (for the current user), when Windows starts
Disable automatic restart in case of a blue screen
Set the mouse pointer over the maximum speed
Added items "Expand" and "MakeCAB" in context menu for system files
Add or Remove Programs - in the context menu "Computer"
Task Manager - in the context menu "Computer"
Remote Desktop Connection - in the context menu "Computer"
Control Panel - in the context menu "Computer"
CMD - in the context menu "Computer"
An icon in Computer and Network on your desktop
Set your own background LogonUI
Disabled UAC
Year: 2010
Developer: Microsoft
Language: English
Platform: x86
Enabling | reg code: there
Size: 3,29 GB
MD5: 2b94784511556d83a96ada614b6f66b8

Download Windows 7 Ultimate by firekeeper v7.2 2010 (x86/ENG):

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