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Data: 30 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Sins of a Solar Empire:Trinity (2010)

Sins of a Solar Empire:Trinity | 2010 | 1.1 GB

Sins of a Solar Empire:Trinity (2010)

The global space strategy "Sins of a Solar Empire" invites players to lead one of three
races and conquer the galaxy.The first - earthlings, skillful traders and diplomats.
Second - the technocrats Vasari, who live at the expense of destroying other people's worlds.
Still others - space wanderers, for the years of travel in space acquired psionic abilities.

This is an extended version of the game, which included - the original game
and two major additions to it: "The final frontierť (Entrenchment) and "Diplomacyť (Diplomacy).

"Last Line" adds to the game fresh troops and tactics, but will also create a powerful
defense of the planets.Players will have the complete disposal of indestructible star
bases and warships, capable of one his appearance radically change the course of the battle.

"Diplomacy" will offer a lot of options for a relatively peaceful conquest of the galaxy.
A variety of diplomatic moves and tricks, revised tree research, the ability to create
the embassy on foreign planets - all designed to make gameplay even more exciting and diverse.

Download Sins of a Solar Empire:Trinity (2010):

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