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Data: 28 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Fallout New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4 (EN/PL/CZ/RU) [6,66 GB]

Fallout New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4 (EN/PL/CZ/RU) [6,66 GB]
Published by: Bethesda Softworks
Developed by: Obsidian Entertainment
Genre: RPG

Fallout: New Vegas similarities to Fallout 3 are obvious. The setting is different, but the aesthetic is the same – crumbling buildings, settlements comprised of shacks, unending waves of dusty, tortured wasteland dotted with ruins from a happier past. The combat is the same, with the same divisive VATS system that lets you target limbs or gun arms to cripple an enemy's ability to fight back. You still rely on your PIP-boy, a Filofax for the post-apocalyptic future, to organise the weapons, armour, quests, information and salvage that you can scavenge from your hopeless surroundings.

1. Mount image in DAEMON Tools or Alcohol
2. Install the game Copy the contents of the folder PROPHET in the game folder
3. Play!

On file:
Publication Type: License
Tablet: Is present
File format:. iso
Platform: PC

Fallout New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4 (EN/PL/CZ/RU) [6,66 GB]

Fallout New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4 (EN/PL/CZ/RU) [6,66 GB]

Fallout New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4 (EN/PL/CZ/RU) [6,66 GB]

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Download (Filesonic) New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part01.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part02.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part03.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part04.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part05.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part06.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part07.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part08.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part09.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part10.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part11.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part12.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part13.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part14.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part15.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part16.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part17.rar New Vegas (2010) PC MULTi4.part18.rar


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