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Data: 26 Grudzień 2010
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Windows 7 with RC SP1 v.721 x86 (2010/ENG)

Windows 7 with RC SP1 v.721 x86 (2010/ENG) | 3.65 GB

Windows 7 with RC SP1 v.721 (x86) [2010/RUS/ENG] - In one image collected four 32-x bit systems in two languages (Russian and German). Available in all editions since finishing Enterprise Starter for each language. Integrated only RC SP1, nothing more zatronuto.Vse left as is.
In the image, for convenience, added a menu (screenshot below) to select and install the OS and,
(Installation takes place in a particular language, depending on choice).
You can also choose to install a separate editorial. (Starter, Home Basic, etc.)
From the menu, you can run the file manager Total Commander, and recovery console system (s what language)

In the Menu, "in the choice of editors for the installation, the installation of the system is semi-automatically.
Abolished: Choosing language settings, the adoption of the license key input, and time zone selection.
The rest have to choose manually.

Attention! Installing Windows from under the current system is not possible!
It was necessary to slightly modify the loader to avoid confusion with the choice of linguistic parameters of the systems. In principle, this I added the Setup menu, for one and came with a choice of various options for installing Windows.

Need to install on a clean partition, namely, loaded with DVD-Rom-a, during installation select the partition and format it.
So as you can set and prepared, formatted partition by third-party programs such as Acronis Disk Director.

A choice of editions:
Windows 7 STARTER
Windows 7 ULTIMATE

A few words about activating Windows.
After installing the system, as there is always a 30-day evaluation period of Windows.
In orhive no activators, and all kinds of loaders.
They are easily found online. Search engine to help you

And yet, in the archive, there are two "pad" for the disk and the box for the assembly.
Maybe someone need.

Download Windows 7 with RC SP1 v.721 x86 (2010/ENG):

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