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Data: 21 Grudzień 2010
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Just Cause 2 (2010/ENG/ML/PC) SKIDROW

Just Cause 2 (2010/ENG/ML/PC) SKIDROW | 4.11 GB

Just Cause 2 - The second part of the game in no way inferior to its predecessor - on the contrary, surpasses it on all counts! And thanks to special equipment ekshena fans will be able to do whatever they want - from the capture of combat helicopters and aircraft in the air to risky parachute jumps on the heads of enemies. The island of Ban tearing apart the rival factions. The country is mired in corruption and brutal dictator Baby Panay ruthless with their own people. At the heart of this whole mess has been missing Tom Sheldon, taking with him confidential information and millions of dollars belonging to the CIA. In search of a traitor Office ordered off Rodrigeca Rico, hero of the revolution of San Esperito and the best of existing agents. In pursuit of former mentor Rico to overthrow the dictatorship, finding out who is behind the OPG Pana and uncover a conspiracy of special services. Paradise is about to turn into a hellish inferno, and only you can avert catastrophe and the Third World War.

System Requirements:
- Windows Vista SP1/Windows 7;
- Intel Core 2 Duo 2,6 GHz / Phenom X3 2,4 GHz;
- 3 GB of RAM;
- 10 GB of free hard disk space;
- DirectX 10 - compatible graphics card of GeForce GTS 250/Radeon HD 5750 with 256 MB memory;
- DirectX 10 - compatible sound card;
- DirectX 10;
- A device for reading DVD-ROM drive;
- Keyboard;
- Mouse.

Download Just Cause 2 (2010/ENG/ML/PC) SKIDROW:

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