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Autor: severvel
Data: 15 Grudzień 2010
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Mega Rescue Kit CD 2011

Mega Rescue Kit CD 2011 | 766 Mb

New Rescue CD for year 2011 Mega Rescue Kit CD Meets your needs in PC maintenance tasks by alot of special tools enables you improve your computer performance or recover the corrupted windows, remove the viruses, recover the lost data and more tasks.

- Diagnosis and fix startup problems
- Lan Drivers, Network and USB
- SATA Drivers
- Recover the deleted or lost data
- Include anti-virus and anti-spyware tools (Live Update Available)
- Windows7 Live BartPE for easy accessing to your data
- Possibility of Internet connection
- Recover the passwords for admin account or other users
- Win7 Recovery Tools for Windows7 maintenance
- Restore and management the backup and system Images
- Measure temp of CPU and the system
- Remote Assistance Tools
- Get info for all system devices

- Hirens BootCD 11.0
- Windows 7 Live BartPE
- Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
- System Image Recovery
- Startup Repair
- Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010
- DrWeb 2010
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
- SUPER AntiSpyWare
- Computer Managment
- Files and Folders Explorer
- Solution Wizard
- TCP/IP Config
- Hotfix Uninstall
- PDF Reader
- NotePad
- MSN Messenger
- Disk Wipe
- System Restore
- Windows Memory Diagnosis
- Command Prompt
- ERD Registry Editor
- Locksmith
- Crash Analyzer
- InfraRecorder
- FSViewer
- Everest
- Recover4all
- File Restore
- Disk Commander
- Standalone Syatem Sweeper
- Core Temp
- 7-Zip File Manager
- TeamViewer
- Drivers Installer

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