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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: severvel
Data: 16 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R12 Retail Multilingual x86/x64

Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R12 Retail Multilingual x86/x64 | 3.04 GB

Maxon Cinema 4D - the easiest to use professional 3D-program! The twelfth generation of CINEMA 4D is a milestone in the development of professional 3D-software. It has never been so easy and convenient to create on-screen professional 3D-images and animations. In this case, CINEMA 4D can be found in all areas where applied 3D-graphics.

Year: 2010
Genre: 3D Graphics
Platform: x86 / x64
Developer: Maxon
Medicine: Present
Language: English / Russian / Czech / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Polish, etc.


- Easily learns the basics of the workflow to a rapid entry into the "third dimension", even those users who do not often work with similar programs - without limiting creativity of professionals. Manage all built on the logical concepts and exciting features CINEMA 4D provide an intuitive and interactive work with the program.
- The new manager of imaging not only displays the image, it provides countless opportunities to make life easier for each user. You can compare the results of visualization, faster to check the animation, and even to adjust color.
- New version of CINEMA 4D offers you better tools and simplified workflow to create three-dimensional animation design of the highest quality. With new opportunities to connect to Apple Motion and many advanced features for data exchange with Adobe After Effects you can combine 2D and 3D worlds easier and more efficient.

Major changes:
New Dynamics
CINEMA 4D now has a versatile and easy to use system dynamics of solids based on well proven engine Bullet. Solid bodies, soft bodies and numerous opportunities to connect objects to each other connectors are also unique in its kind, as an option allows you to change the shape of objects of the pressure of the air.

Linear process
Setting a linear process in the CINEMA 4D R12 is possible with just one click. Thus, light and color will be computed natural, but also require fewer light sources, and a lower quality setting - as a result you will get better images with less effort.

Color profiles
The program now fully supports color profiles. This applies to the shaders and textures on one side and displayed on the monitor as well as to the result of rendering the other.

Light sources IES
With these light sources IES can recreate natural lighting lamps of different manufacturers. Also supported by the photometric parameters of light such as lumens, candela, and color temperature.

Render manager
Calculating the multiple scenes in a row now seems a much more convenient. You may later choose different camera and render settings, and check the active thumbnail image.

Picture Manager
Multilateral manager image received in this version has more features. Histogram display, navigator for larger images and full-screen playback of animation.

New tools for the creation of characters
Inverse kinematics has now dynamic qualities. CINEMA 4D Studio provides a new, highly productive tool PoseMorph mixing of different functions.

New deformer
Also new are the various deformer that can be used for modeling and animation. They provide new ways of bringing objects to the form.

These units
4D now supports real units. Using these objects can be used in other scenes in the correct scale.

Python programming language is now fully supported and allows users to extend the CINEMA 4D additional functions or scripts.

System requirements:
-OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 - pazryadnost: 32bit-64bit
-CPU: Intel or AMD (with instruction set SSE2)
-VIDEO: all the cards that support OpenGL
-RAM: 1024 MB
-HDD: up to 2.5 GB of disk space

1. Mounted on a virtual drive (Daemon tools) image pnt-c412.iso.
2. Start the installation program.
3. Generate serial keygen.exe just for Cinema 4D Studio or get ready from the file serials.txt.
4. When you request - to enter.
5. After the installation you can run the Update to version 12,028.

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