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Autor: severvel
Data: 6 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

The Jim & Frank Mysteries- The Blood River Files HD V1.4 - iPad

The Jim & Frank Mysteries- The Blood River Files HD V1.4 - iPad | 239.69 MB

Jim and Frank make their first HD outing for the iPad, retaining the winning formula from the original hit iPhone puzzle game. The Jim and Frank Mysteries. The Blood River Files HD contains exclusive exciting puzzles, bonus puzzle art and beautifully crisp high-resolution visuals!
This entrancing puzzle-solving game follows the adventures of two friends: Jim and Frank. Jims a kind-hearted guy who hides his keen intelligence beneath a shy exterior, whereas Frank is a mischievous joker whose love of pranks is matched only by his fearlessness. Help them in their quest to uncover the mystery behind the Blood River Files!

Join our heroes in the Jim and Frank Mysteries. The Blood River Files HD, as they set out from the picturesque town of Tinyville for an adventure they could never have imagined. Be a part of their story, meet the strange and fascinating characters they encounter on their travels, and most importantly, help them to solve the fantastic puzzles that will lead them to the answer they need the Secret of the Blood River.

Exclusive HD bonus art
Even more puzzles! Including:
Gems and Spaces
Fish Fun

Unlock the gates to this epic story, with dozens of interesting characters and scores of beautiful hand-drawn scenes. Featuring a mesmerising original soundtrack, professional voice acting, and over 20 hours of gameplay.The Jim and Frank Mysteries is your key to a captivating new world.

Like Jim and Frank, you have to use your wits if you want to survive! Play over 60 unique types of puzzle, ranging from word games to logical tricks; from mathematical quandaries to visual challenges. If you get stuck, you might need a Eureka moment but with Jim and Frank around, youre bound to find a way forward!

Master an extraordinary variety of brand-new, addictive mini-games, like Flower Picking, Pathfinding, Potion Brewing, and the Bat Hunt.

As you explore the world and unravel its mysteries, earn achievements and compete on the Crystal Leaderboard, and unlock new bonus scenes, puzzles and characters!

The Jim & Frank Mysteries- The Blood River Files HD V1.4 - iPad

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