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Data: 6 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Section 8: Prejudice (2010) Multi5 - [2.36 GB]

Section 8: Prejudice (2010) Multi5 - [2.36 GB]
Language: English+ | PC | Developer/Publisher: TimeGate Studios, Inc | 2.36 GB
Genre: Shooter

We all remember the landing on the planet brave space infantry in the game Section 8! Adventures of the brave men from the landing was not the end, they had continued the game Section 8: Prejudice! now it's not just a network platform for mass murder - in front of us there was a qualitative fantastic game that has conceived a company with a good storyline.

Network mode is prettier, has added new modes and weapons. a few words about the picture: the developers tweaked the old engine and the war of the future is truly alive: Colorful explosions, flying past the body from the blast nice feast for the eyes. Special effects have grown at least on the head - now the explosions are more realistic and colorful. Guns in the arsenal also increased, which can not but rejoice. How successful a new game Section 8: Prejudice - time will tell, but to get acquainted with the new product is unique!

System requirements:
Video Card: 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX Ž 9.0c-compliant 256 MB video card and drivers
System: Microsoft Ž Windows Vista Ž with Service Pack 2 or Windows Ž 7
Processor: Intel Ž Core ™ 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 3800 + or better
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Hard disk space: 3 GB of uncompressed hard disk space

To install the necessary key.
To register a new key Games for Windows LIVE:

1. Register Games for Windows / X-Box - LIVE (
2. Join TimeGate (
3. Enter a password and login TimeGate (
4. Wait, come to the post code you enter in the Game for Windows Marketplace (
5. Once you entered the code, Game for Windows Marketplace will begin downloading the game itself, but not necessarily to do this, simply click "View keys, the key will be there LIVE

Section 8: Prejudice (2010) Multi5 - [2.36 GB]

Section 8: Prejudice (2010) Multi5 - [2.36 GB]

Section 8: Prejudice (2010) Multi5 - [2.36 GB]

Download (Filesonic) 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part1.rar 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part2.rar 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part3.rar 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part4.rar 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part5.rar 8_Prejudice _2010_ENG_Multi5_Beta.part6.rar

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