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Data: 15 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

X The Hyper Ball V1.0.4.9 (ENG/2002) with crack

Do you remember Arcanoid? Mix it up with a more strategic approach, beautiful GUI and many gameplay enhancements, and you'll get X the HYPER BALL!

About game:

You are the hero of Paddleland, and you'll have to save your world from the Enclosers invasion. Break out every brick wall that threatens the universe and kill the 10 Game Bosses!!!

Game features:

- A unique system of Hypershop where you can trade bonus between
every level.
- 10 thematic episodes of 10 stages each.
- 14 simple bonus (Telekinesy, Atom missile, etc.)
- 13 special bonus (may be used at any time.)
- 9 different malus (Reverse X, Deathkiss, Crazyball, etc.)
- 30 different monsters with specific behaviours (agressive,
kamikaze, malus bomber, etc.)
- 10 Game Bosses at the end of every episode
- 3 difficulty levels, adapted to all players and habilities.
- Total mouse control over the paddle and the interface.

Notice that every level will be a unique challenge in itself, requring swift strategic decisions, and a real sense of ballistics.

Unpack *.zip/*.rar files and install with xlocked.exe. Unlock the game to the full retail version, by running xkey.exe. Enjoy!

X The Hyper Ball V1.0.4.9 (ENG/2002) with crack

X The Hyper Ball V1.0.4.9 (ENG/2002) with crack

Title: X The Hyper Ball V1.0.4.9 (ENG/2002) with crack
Year: 2002
Genre: Arcade,arcanoid
Platform: PC

Language: English
Publication Type: Full
Crack: Crack
File Size: 89 mb
System requirements:

Download X The Hyper Ball V1.0.4.9 (ENG/2002) with crack:

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